Regular flights, and charters departing with enviable regularity, give the opportunity to everyone to go for a week or even a weekend for one of the «paradise» islets of Thailand with white sandy beaches.

Every year, millions of tourists step on the land of Siam, fleeing from the gray routine and cold weather in their homeland. But even in such a tropical corner of our planet there is bad weather. Therefore, if you want to spend the maximum of your free weekend, you should first familiarize yourself with the climate in Thailand and its seasonal changes.


The Kingdom of Thailand is more than 500 kilometers of land in the Malacca and Indochina peninsulas, as well as on the island ridge in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

The territory is divided into 5 geographical zones: the Northern Highlands, the Central Plain, the Northeastern Plateau, the peninsular Southern Region, the South-East.
As the state is extended on 1860 kilometers, penetrated by the rivers and ridges, each of geographical zones are unique climatic conditions.

In the north it is possible to mark out humid tropical climate, in the central and southern part – subequatorial, on border with Malaysia – equatorial.

And Thailand is 3219 kilometers of the coastline. Here it is possible to have a rest all the year round – that a big rarity on our planet.

The main thing, depending on time of the year, is correct to choose the resort, and it is possible to enjoy all delights of this wonderful country: the picturesque nature, by the sea, excursions on ancient palaces and temples.

In general in Thailand always warmly, but it is possible to allocate three seasons:


At the end of May – the middle of July monsoons from the Indian Ocean bring a lot of moisture and pouring rains. The season of monsoons in October-November comes to an end. It is better for fans of beach rest and divers to refrain from trips to this period (An exception – islands Samui, Panggang, To Tao in the Gulf of Thailand where a rainy season from October to January). It is a low season.

Because of the strong ebbs alternating with storm with big waves the sea becomes dirty, periodically to the coast beats jellyfishes.

However, it even very tourist period. Rains go not absolutely often (time in 2-3 days), usually in the evening or at night, duration not longer than 2-3 hours a day. Even after a heavy rain temperature seldom falls below 28-30 °C. Water temperature in Thailand at this time comfortable for a body, and during ebb on a shallow and at all becomes, like steamed milk.

The freshness and pleasant cool after rains brings romantic mood and promote walks in picturesque places and also in various noteworthy places of which it is full in each corner of this wonderful country.

Tourists are few, no turmoil, and the prices in hotels — to the indecency are low. Many enterprises from the service sector are closed during this period. However, in any province there are enough cafes and restaurants, working all year round.

In September-October, it is better to refrain from visiting Bangkok and the central provinces: many rivers are flooded and floods are possible. Although they are not dangerous, they can spoil your vacation.


Cool, if you can call it, the season is the most popular time for tourists who come here from all over the world. Continue from November to February. It has a stable, clear weather with a minimum of precipitation and the most comfortable temperature in the region of +28 — + 30 ° C, which almost does not change day and night.

The sea surface is only occasionally disturbed by small waves, the water temperature is about +26 — + 28 ° C, which is very comfortable both for beach rest, and for diving, sea walks.

Pay attention! Steady weather, warm dry air are great for walks and excursions.
However, because of millions of tourists from Europe, North America, who escape from the winter cold or just decided to get to warm countries for Christmas holidays, prices in hotels in Thailand are increasing several times.


The preferred option for everyone who loves beach holidays. Lasts from late February to May. At this time, air can be heated up to +40, at sea — a rarity even a small wave, the water warms up to +29 — + 30 °.

It is important to remember that if a pleasant sea breeze rescues a frantic sea breeze on the seaside, in the big cities, such as Bangkok, the real hell. Local residents and visitors to megacities have to flee from smog, because of which there is simply nothing to breathe. It’s best to refrain from shopping.


Thailand is one of the few places where it is pleasant to relax all year round. But everyone has their own preferences: beach vacation, diving, tropical jungle walks or excursions to thousands of attractions listed in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

Beach vacation:

from March to September — the islands of Koh Samui, Pangan, Koh Tao, as well as other resorts on the west coast of the Malacca Peninsula.

from November to April on the Andaman coast, including on the island of Phuket;
Central Thailand: the weather of Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin allows you to luxuriate in the sun all year round. However, it’s better to refrain from visiting Bangkok in April-May (in big cities it’s too stuffy, maybe smog), besides the beaches on the north coast are a bit worse and not always comfortable for beach holidays.

Boat trips, diving:
from November to May — most of the country, except for the islands in the Gulf of Thailand;
from February to October — the islands of Koh Samui, Pangan.

Excursions, shopping: Excursions are held all year round. But it’s better to refrain from such trips: in September-October (often there are floods) and in April-May (too hot).



The clouds finally succumb to the onslaught of the sun in most of the country. The temperature of the air contributes to a pleasant rest on the beach, quiet walks: about + 27 ° C. But in the north sometimes there is + 15 °. This winter is for the local. If you go on a trip to the Northern Highlands — stock up on sweaters or jackets.


One of the most comfortable months. The air temperature is about + 30 ° C. The sea is calm, warm and clean. Everyone likes this kind of weather, so be prepared for the crowds of tourists who seem to be getting bigger than the local ones.


One more excellent month. Tourists are much less (New Year holidays in Europe, America ended), and climatic conditions are all the same comfortable. And at this time, various holidays and bright shows are regularly arranged.


In March it is always clear and solar, a rainy season still far, will only sometimes go a small rain. Temperature: +32 — +33 °C. Excellent weather for fans will be tumbled down on warm sand: the sea is tender, warm, on huge snow-white beaches it is rather empty and is quiet.


To fans of a heat it is devoted. It is the hottest month which is hotly loved by tourists. Average temperature is established at the level of +35 °C, and the maximum indications of the thermometer pass for 40 °C. At this time sea the warmest.


It is transitional the period, in many provinces the improbable heat can sharply be replaced by rains. It is necessary to be careful and before a trip several times to view the forecast that will know what weather in Thailand in the next weeks.


On the western coast and in the central part the season of monsoons with tropical heavy rains begins. In the Gulf of Thailand it is still dry, but is already not so hot. Average temperature – about +32 °C.


The Kingdom is humid and hot. The temperature is about + 33 ° C. In the evenings, rain falls every two to three days.


The weather in Thailand is different in different weather resorts. While on the Siamese coast of the Malacca peninsula it is clear and dry, in the central part and on the Adaman coast the rains intensify, filling all kinds of canals and rivers.


Rains are increasing, high risk of flooding. The air and water temperatures are almost the same, around + 28 ° C.


After a long «wet season» everything around blooms and blossoms, the Kingdom also comes to life — the season of holidays begins. The water temperature drops a little, but as a whole it gets a little warmer, in many regions the rains gradually stop.


On a larger territory, the showers stop, the weather is warm and dry. Rains still occasionally pour, but only for 5-10 minutes a day and are not able to spoil the rest. The air temperature is about + 31 ° C.

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