For many years Cambodia remained the country closed for tourists. To enter it - enigmatic and mysterious - only the most courageous were solved. Today the Kingdom is quite popular and visited place. Curious excursions attract inquisitive travelers.


Climate of Cambodia Weather in Cambodia Weather in winter Weather in spring Weather in summer Weather in autumn Fans of beach rest — the sea, the sun and beaches with the purest white sand. Adventurers direct to the mysterious jungle. And one and all are attracted by the comfortable Cambodian climate allowing to plan a holiday at all seasons of the year.

Climate of Cambodia

Climate in Cambodia is soft, sharp daily fluctuations of temperatures are absent. Cambodia is in a zone subequatorial (monsoonal tropical) climate with obvious division into two seasons — dry and damp. The season of a drought is subdivided into 2 seasons — cool and hot. From December to March the dry, hot season with casual heavy rains dominates. The damp period lasts from May to October. The rain goes mainly at night. In the afternoon it represents short-term heavy rains upon termination of which the rainbow appears and the sun shines.

Weather in Cambodia

Average annual temperature of Cambodia fluctuates within +25 °C. Below the detailed characteristic of the Cambodian weather on months follows. It should be noted that temperature in the city of Sihanoukville is usually lower, than in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Besides, in connection with natural cataclysms, from year to year indicators can change.

Climate of CambodiaWeather in winter

Winter in the country is windless, dry and soft. This period is optimum time for a trip to the country. December Weather in Cambodia in December, in comparison with other months of year, the most cool. Daytime temperatures reach +30 … +32 °C, night 23 °C fall to +20 …. The season of beach rest begins. At this time still there isn't a lot of people, but white sandy beaches of the resorts of Sihanoukville and Kep are already filled with tourists. Islands Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samlon begin to accept vacationers too. Warm sand, transparent water, palm groves, the equipped beaches with conveniently located hotels, hammocks, a water ski, fishing, crabs, sea walks, diving, snorkeling and day on the beach of almost desert island Rabbit will present the mass of unforgettable impressions. For all month there can be only three-four rainy days. January Weather in Cambodia in January is dry and solar, except for two-three rainy days. The sun shines 10-12 hours a day. The beach season gains steam. Temperatures vary from +31 … +33 to +22 … + 26C ° at night in the afternoon. Temperature of sea water reaches +25 … +27 degrees. Besides beach rest it is a high time to visit the medieval capital of the Khmer empire of Angkor, the modern capital of the country Phnom Penh with her museums and monuments of architecture, to buy souvenirs. February Weather in Cambodia in February continues to be solar and dry that favors to rest on the coast, to occupations extreme sports, fishing, to shopping and numerous excursions about the country. Temperature in the afternoon +32 … +33 °C, at night +24 … +27 °C. Water in the sea very much and very warm. Three-four rainy days of month won't spoil a holiday in any way.

Weather in summerWeather in spring

Spring is the hottest season. Favorable time for beach rest and travel about the country. The people who are badly transferring a heat should weigh carefully everything, being going to visit the country in the spring. March Weather in Cambodia in March is established hot. In the afternoon air gets warm to +33 … +37 °C, to +26 … +29 °C fall at night. March is the last month of a dry season and one of the hottest months in a year. Water temperature at the coast of +30 °C. Besides beach rest and water sports, it is possible to enjoy the primitive nature of islands of Koch Rong and Koh Dek Koul or to test itself for durability in the Cambodian jungle. And it is possible to visit settlements of mountain Khmers, having got acquainted with their traditions and life closer. April Weather in Cambodia in April is very contradictory. To the middle of month there is clear, hot, even stuffy (+34 … +37, sometimes up to +40 °C) weather with the rare intermittent rain demonstrating approach of a rainy season. Having arrived to Cambodia in April from a zone with a temperate climate, it is possible to feel some discomfort. Conditions for beach rest, in general ideal — passive stay in a shadow of sprawling palm trees endows skin of tourists with bronze tan. Sea, however, is not always quiet. As to bathe it will turn out not every day, it is possible to acquire the guide, or to employ the local guide and to visit Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, temples on the mountain Sihanoukville, or to walk on shopping centers in search of souvenirs. The period of steady rains of average force begins with the second half of month. April is time of holidays and festivals. May Weather in Cambodia in May is characterized by a tropical heat, quite stuffy. The season of storm rains begins. May is not the wettest month of year, but umbrellas and raincoats already invariable companions of the tourist. Water sports are already impossible. It is necessary to bathe, on the contrary, to hurry as tropical heavy rains will wash away beaches soon. The increased humidity level in total with high temperature of air (+34 … +37 °C) gives some inconvenience. But it not an obstacle for persons interested to plunge into depths of history of Khmers, to consider unique ancient palaces and temples, to visit the well-known Silver pagoda.

Weather in springWeather in summer

Monsoons from the ocean continually bring short, but plentiful heavy rains to the summer period. For the summer period on the country three quarters of annual rainfall pour out. It is remarkable that there are no incessant rains, habitual for us. The solid wall of a rain sharply is replaced by the looked-out sun. June Weather in Cambodia in June windy and rainy. Air temperature in the afternoon +33 … +37 °C, at night +24 … +26 °C. Within a month can be given up to 19 rainy days. Thanks to high positive temperatures, everything dries very quickly, but humidity of air high (90-100%). July Weather in Cambodia in July hot and rainy. Air temperature is still stable +31 … +36 °C in the afternoon and +24 … +26 °C at night. High humidity. Visit of architectural monuments and sights of the country in the periods between rains — remain relevant types of cultural rest. August The weather in Cambodia is humid in August, however, the rainy season is already declining. The temperature regime is within + 33 ... + 37 ° С in the daytime and up to + 25 ° С at night.

Weather in autumnWeather in autumn

The early autumn characterizes continuation of a rainy season. The end of autumn — the beginning of a dry season. September Weather in Cambodia in September continues to be hot and damp. In the afternoon temperature is up to +32 … +34 °C, at night up to +26 °C. Because of a prolonged rainy season not all excursion routes are available. October Weather in Cambodia in October steadily improves. Sunny days become more. Temperature indicators are similar to September. According to the calendar the rainy season surely comes to an end. November Weather in Cambodia in November begins to be adjusted. Tourists direct to the country again. Rains stop, the sun, humidity of air still high shines. Thermometers show +32 … +33 °C in the afternoon and to +26 °C at night. The full-fledged excursion period, the most comfortable on weather conditions. Infrastructure of Cambodia is still developed poorly. There are many minuses, but too there is a lot of pluses. In Cambodia there are at least 10 places at which it is worth looking. On the earth there were not so many historical places from the remains of ancient civilizations, and Cambodia — one of them. Before a trip to the country, it is quite good to get acquainted with her history at least. The southern sun, white beaches and palm trees along with the democratic prices — the second attractive side of Cambodia. Knowing what weather in Cambodia in a certain month in a year, it is possible to plan the relevant activities and to avoid disappointments. Weather in Cambodia within a year can be divided into three periods conditionally. During the period from December to February in the country it is dry, warm and solar. It is an optimum season for travel and beach rest. In this regard the prices of everything will be higher. There is a heat during the period from March to August. The flow of tourists gradually falls down, the prices fall. The rainy season which lasts until the end of October begins with the middle of April. However rains in Cambodia aren't really terrible. They go half an hour-hour then it is possible to continue rest and a research of this mysterious country again.