Wat Ratchanadda Temple is one of the most amazing monuments of culture in Bangkok. It is located in the Old Town, near the Golden Mountain. This is the real Buddhist treasure of the capital of Thailand.

Content: Sights How to get there Cost and visit time It is interesting Wat Ratchanadda was a temple prototype the Ceylon temple which has been lost in the third century B.C. Construction Wat Ratchanadda has begun in 1876 at the initiative of the king Rama 3. It is interesting that the structure of the temple has personified distinctive features of the king Rama 3: courage and severity.

The name of the temple is translated as "The royal niece". From the name it becomes clear that the king has presented this construction to the niece. Construction of the temple in 1902 has come to the end.

Sights The temple consists of several structures. One of them is the Loha Prasat. Locals have nicknamed this construction the iron palace long ago. This only temple building in Thailand built from metal. It consists of 4 floors and reaches in height of 36 meters. It is topped with 37 spikes that symbolizes number of virtues which get in the long way to an enlightenment.

Loha Prasat enters complex five towers which are connected by a uniform corridor labyrinth. In them rooms for meditations and unique Buddhist sculptures are located. Special attention Buddha's statue made of cast copper is worthy. You will be able to see all this with own eyes.

Spend here as much time as possible to plunge into the mysterious world of Wat Ratchanadda. The temple area includes a unique market of amulets, which is the most famous in Thailand. In the market you can buy amulets that will not only remind you of a pleasant vacation, but also bring good luck. Near the complex Wat Ratchanadda lies a beautiful square.

Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara (Loha Prasat)

How to get there You can get to Wat Ratchanadda by using a tuk-tuk or taxi. It's not very expensive. The temple is located in an area called Pra Nakhon, which is located on the territory of old Bangkok. You can walk to Wat Ratchanadda on foot. Time for this will take very little, if you are in the Victory Monument area.

Moreover, contemplation of scenic landscapes will give you many pleasant moments. Ideal location for a stroll is the center of Bangkok, Khaosan Road district. Another option is to get to the temple by boat for only 12 baht.

Boat stop is located next to the shopping center Pratunam. You need to get into the boat that goes along the route Gold Line, and you'll get straight to Wat Ratchanadda. You can get on buses 159, 5, 8, 37, 56, 27. The price of the trip will cost you only 6 baht (or slightly higher, depending on the distance).

Buses No. 159, 56 and 5 stop at the Wat Rat Natda Ram stop, which is the final destination for visiting Wat Ratchanadda. Cost and visit time Wat Ratchanadda works every day from 7:30 to 17 hours. You do not need to pay for entry, but, having supported the tradition, you need to throw in a piggy bank near the entrance of 20 baht. It is advisable to spend at least three hours visiting the temple to get acquainted with every corner of this amazing gift of King Rama 3 to Thailand.

It is interesting

It is interesting Despite the uniqueness of the temple, there are not so many tourists here. Tourist excursions do not come here. So here you can really relax from the bustle. Traditionally Thai palaces are executed in the red-gold gamma. Wat Ratchanadda differs in that the architectural ensemble combines only black and white colors.

You can find out more about the history of the Wat Ratchanadda building in the museum located in Loha Prasat. Be sure to look inside the temple, visit each room. Only then you will be able to fully and fully know the whole uniqueness of the temple.