Do you go to Thailand on the vacation and look for what interesting to look? If you is casual, and maybe you won't casually get on the island Phuket, the real Mecca for fans of beach rest, then you surely should visit a show of transvestites on Phuket, under the proud name Simon Kabare. Contents: It is a little about a show Visit with children How to get on a show? Entrance cost Beautiful choreography, bright costumes, incredible special effects, an hour of musical hits in the non-stop mode, shocking artists ... It can be talked for a long time, but this just that case when everything needs to be seen with own eyes. TRANSVESTITE SHOW SIMON CABARET IN PHUKETIt is a little about a show No matter how shocked people with European mentality, but a show of transvestites on Phuket and in other regions of Thailand is a part of modern culture. There are tens of similar representations which attract annually millions of tourists and in popularity successfully compete to rich cultural property in the person of thousand-year temples and luxury locks. And, certainly, the most known and can call the most fascinating a show Simon Kabare. The Simon Transvestite Show is one of the most dazzling entertainment not only on the "paradise" island, but throughout Thailand. The cabaret opened in 1991. During this time, the program changed many times, modern light and audio equipment appeared, providing impressive effects, and bright scenery simply amazes imagination. The main feature of Simon's cabaret is the cast. Adorable, stunning, such elegant and feminine girls are not exactly girls. Most artists are born men. But at first it's hard to believe. Find some masculine signs in the feminine beauties performing on stage - a real excitement. Read also: Tiffany show transvetites in Thailand The show is under construction in the best traditions of Las Vegas. Bright suits, to expensive scenery. Before the viewer there are modern pop stars among whom Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even Viagra. Scenes from Cleopatra's life, a fascinating carnival in Rio emerge. But all this the parodies diluted with a small portion of irony and humour. And the ladies-boys appearing on stage which are changed clothes in stars very cleverly open their mouths to the sound of the phonogram. If you expect a show of the level "Moulin Rouge" - you are not here. No, by the beauty of the scenery, the shocking atmosphere and the decoration of the hall, the show will amaze even the sophisticated spectator who visited the best cabarets of the world. On the entourage show theater is not inferior to the famous cinema "Kodak" in Los Angeles. A soft muffled light, comfortable plush armchairs, a saxophone sounds. Surprised beautiful and thoughtful costumes, professional makeup, it can not be compared with what can be seen in the Red Light Districts. But here many dancers are amateurs. In this special charm and attraction of the spectacle. Proof of this - always filled to capacity with a room that can seat 600 people. But you can watch Simon's shows three times a day: at 18.00, 19.30 and 21.00. TRANSVESTITE SHOW SIMON CABARET IN PHUKETVisit with children Note! Formally, the program is made for the general public. Acts are calculated including on children, here you will not see indecent scenes and any hints on representation for adults. But it's important to be careful. The concepts of decency in the Thai people differ slightly from European ones, at times the costumes are too extravagant and a little shock even for adults. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with the program in advance, the benefit of the information is complete both on the site itself and in bright booklets, posters that can be viewed near the cashier's offices. TRANSVESTITE SHOW SIMON CABARET IN PHUKETHow to get on a show? Simon Theater is located in the southern part of Patong Beach (on the road) along the Sirirat road, 8. The Jung Ceylon shopping center is located near. Beautiful red building can be seen from a distance. The show lasts from 60 to 70 minutes, depending on the program. Book tickets better in a day or two. You can do it in many hotels and on the site. But it is quite realistic, if you are not afraid of queues, to buy tickets and on the spot, it is enough to come to the theater half an hour before the start. Read also: Transvestite show "Alcazar" in Pattaya. Places to occupy better in the forefront, that all is well to consider. But here there is a small danger: at one point a fat disguised man chooses a favorite viewer and simply pulls him onto the stage. Therefore, if you do not want to get into the strong embrace of trance and be stained with lipstick from head to foot, it is better to choose tickets in the third or fourth row. TRANSVESTITE SHOW SIMON CABARET IN PHUKETEntrance cost The price of one adult ticket in 2018 is 1000 baht. The price includes only viewing and vivid emotions. During the show, it is prohibited to take pictures of artists. However, a photo of the Transvestite Show can be done after the performance. In the hall for one photo with the artist will have to pay 100 baht. Already on the street the price will be two times higher - 200 baht. So, make small money. Be careful, often the actors just break into the foto, so be prepared to pay each actor who came to the picture. During the presentation, you can order alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (there is a bar in the theater), but there is no full kitchen. Therefore it is worth dinner in advance.