If about Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi know almost everything, then about one more southern region of Thailand - Trang - heard a few. The province of Trang has long been and continues to be the business center and trade hub of the entire southern region of the country.

Content: Trang Province: Geography and Climate Trang Islands Ko Kradan Ko Ngai Ko Muk Islands of the Petra National Park How to get to Tranga In recent years, it is increasingly seen by foreign tourists as a place worth visiting. The beaches of the continental Trang and the surrounding islands are in no way inferior to the neighboring provinces, and the absence of a large number of tourists only adds to the area of attraction.

Trang Province: Geography and Climate The province of Trang directly borders on Krabi, south of the latter. The shore is washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea. Landscaping and climatic Trang is similar to neighboring provinces. Here are the same islands with mountainous jungles and clean beaches, a long sandy coastline of the mainland.

The weather in Trang, as in the entire region, is determined by the alternation of the summer and winter monsoon. Summer winds start to blow from the sea in March and bring with them rain, high humidity.

The sun heats the earth enveloped in clouds and clouds: the air temperature can rise to +40 degrees C and above. The rainy season lasts from May to September. Winter monsoons begin at the end of September. They blow from the Asian continent, bringing dry and cool air from the mountains. Thanks to this, by December, comfortable weather with a night temperature of +20 degrees, daily + 25 ... + 30 is established in Trang.

The optimal time to visit Trang is from December to April inclusive. Mainly because during the rest of the year navigation between islands is difficult and unstable. But Trang Islands - this is something for which tourists come to this province.

Trang Islands

Trang Islands The province of Trang includes more than 40 islands. Most of them are small, uninhabited, are of interest for cognitive eco-tourism with visits to the jungle, grottoes and caves. Some have a tourist infrastructure: a bungalow, an outdoor cafe, which according to the Thai tradition is called the word "restaurant". Everything is very backpacker and democratic: electricity is often cut off, and it is necessary to cook on gas installations.

Ko Kradan

Ko Kradan The province of Trang is rich in amazing isolated islands, to which civilization, if it did, did not manage to spoil the cinematic surroundings. Kradan is one of them. A few bungalows in the east, wild beaches and a rocky coast on the west coast. Here, nothing prevents you from withdrawing into yourself or into nature, secluded on the beach with a book or wearing a snorkeling mask on the coral reefs surrounding the island.

Ko Ngai

Ko Ngai Also a small island, but more developed in terms of tourism. There are options for more or less comfortable placement. There are also solitary places on the island, but you can also find a company for diving, fishing or kayaking. All this is organized by offices specializing in active recreation.

Ko Muk

Ko Muk In contrast to Ko Kradan and Ko Ngai, Ko Muk was inhabited before the advent of tourists. A small Thai community lives here until now. Sightseeing of the island - Emerald cave, which can be accessed only by boat. Ko Muk is the nearest island to the mainland coast of Trang. Accommodation on it is more democratic, tourists are slightly larger than on neighboring Ko Kradan and Ko Ngai, but the island itself is larger.

Islands of the Petra National Park The national nature park includes several islands, the main of which are Lao Liang, Petra, Ta Kiang. Under the name Lao Liang, there are 2 islands - absolutely paradise place, starting from the color of sea water and sand on the shore, ending with rocks and tropical jungles. On one of Lao Liang, you can stay in a tent camping. Another possibility for accommodation is the islands of Koh Sukorn and Koh Libong. They are not part of the park, but are closest to it.

How to get to Tranga Trang is a province of importance to the economy of the south of Thailand and is therefore transportable. Here fly Air Asia and Nok Air. Traditionally for Thailand, you can buy a ticket right away on a flight and transfer (ferry / boat) to the desired island. The province of Trang has a railway connection to northern Thailand. In addition, to get from almost anywhere in the country can be on the most popular form of transport by bus.