The first that interests tourists on Phuket - it is, of course, beaches. Most of them represent a sandy strip 1 km long and more, limited on the one hand to the sea, and with another trees and other vegetation. They are very similar externally and are always filled by vacationers.

Content: Description of the beach Paradise Phuket Helpful information Beach Activities Hotels on the Paradise Phuket Paradise Beach Phuket how to get there? But Paradayz (Paradise Beach), which is located between the beaches of Patong and Karon, markedly different scale and atmosphere. Small and cozy, it is more suitable for people who prefer go clubbing and entertaining format for recreation.

Description of the beach Paradise Phuket

Description of the beach Paradise Phuket Paradise Beach settles down in the picturesque bay, from two parties protected by rocks therefore it is possible to have a rest all the year round here. Even in the period of monsoons the sea quite quiet, whereas on the neighboring beaches of a wave on 1,5 meters. On Paradise Beach there is a lot of tropical vegetation: in the majority it is palm trees and deciduous trees which shadow saves from the hot sun.

This place has many interesting features. First of all, Paradayz treats those not numerous beaches which have remained in the original form. Huge boulders divide his territory into two half therefore two compact and very cozy bays are formed.

Here so peacefully and quietly, probably therefore the beach is called "Paradise". Length of the coastline is about 150 m. The sea is small, there are stones and corals at the bottom , but it doesn't stop fans to swim for a while, and at the same time to admire small fishes and crabs. Besides, on the beach there is the doctor who if necessary will quickly help. What is interesting, sand different in all length of the coastline.

A part of the beach which constantly covers with inflows is yellow, with fragments of corals and shells. And that part which never floods is white sand, small as flour, and very gentle. Despite quite modest sizes, the Paradayz Pkhuket beach has excellent infrastructure and, unlike other local beaches, looks very much in an European way.

There is very nice restaurant in the territory, several little shops and a scene for holding parties. There is also free shower with fresh water that for these places a big rarity. Civilization, the well-groomed territory, the DJ, modern music – everything is made in order that guests could enjoy rest fully. Be not frightened if on the beach to you the black Labrador meets. It is Singto is the general favourite, a lazy dog and a live mascot of Paradise Beach.

Helpful information

Helpful information Entrance fee the 200th baht (for children free of charge), but this is the private beach and the cost of an entrance can change. If you are going to swim, come to the Paradayz Pkhuket beach during inflow. In transparent water it is possible to consider well the bottom covered with corals and also colourful sea inhabitants.

During an outflow it is inconvenient to bathe, because to the depths you will have to long to walk knee-deep in the water. But the beach becomes much more spacious, and perfectly is suitable for walks and survey of richness of the bared seabed. The location of the bay also plays a role. In morning and lunch time sunshine literally fill in the coast, and vacationers take refuge in a shadow of trees and under umbrellas on chaise-longue.

If the standard plastic chaise-longue can be taken in a hire for the 100th baht, then rent of a double chaise - lounge which reminds a sofa bed more will cost already 500 baht. Consider, a tan can be acquired only to the middle of day, and by five in the evening the territory completely plunges into a shadow. Beach Activities The main entertainments on Paradayz, of course, are connected with water.

Who will miss an opportunity to see the main sight of the beach – a coral reef or to admire tropical small fishes who are found here in large numbers? If you aren't sat in place it is possible to take in a hire a mask for snorkeling, SUP, the long-tailed boat or to rent the kayak and to investigate on her a bay. On the shore have something to do too.

For example, how to swing on a ball tied to a tree and jump into the sea. There is also unpretentious swing which will be suitable for a romantic photoshoot. It is possible to glance in the tent located nearby where will offer you the Thai massage. Or you can to sit at restaurant and to enjoy taste of dishes of local and European cuisine, admiring a picturesque view.

Hotels on the Paradise Phuket

Hotels on the Paradise Phuket There are neither hotels on the first line, nor any other housing, but it is possible to look after in vicinities. The closest hotels are located in two kilometers from the beach, down the road to Patong are a resort Spa hotel of Merlin Beach Resort and comfortable Tri Trang Beach Resort.

There is a resort boutique hotel Baan Yin Dee Phuket a little further, and at distance of 4 km – magnificent Amari Coral Beach. All of them provide full range of services and also are faultless in service and food. It is possible to stop also in Patong: here a wide choice of hotels for every taste and a purse, and distance to Paradise Beach only several kilometers.

Paradise Beach Phuket how to get there?

Paradise Beach Phuket how to get there? There are several ways to reach from Patong to Paradise Beach. The most practical of them is the free shuttle bass (the Thai open bus of yellow color with brightly painted sides and the large inscription "Paradise Beach Shuttle Bus"). Such buses ply along a route Patong-Paradayz each 30 minutes.

It is also possible to rent the boat and to reach the beach on water. It costs expensive, but also the trip will be more fascinating, than by land. The voyage by the taxi will manage about 400 baht. The taxi will take you to the parking (that is above the beach), and other way should be done on foot or on the shuttle bass.

As Paradayz is in the end of the good road most of tourists prefer to rent a bike (200 baht a day). If to reach from the southern part of the city it is necessary to come out not to the main route, and to the road which conducts along the coastline.

After the Trang beach Three she rises up, then goes down, and here you at the parking about the shuttle bass. It is better to leave a bike here, and to go down by free bus and in the same way to do a way back. Descent to the beach quite abrupt. And though the way takes no more than 2 minutes, it is better to overcome it by bus.