Thailand – one of the most popular resort countries of the whole world. Having visited it at all seasons of the year surely you will hear the Russian native speech. Our inhabitants fell in love Tye for his magnificent beaches, high-quality service, the affordable prices of tours and, of course, rich culture.

Rest in Thailand is not only beautiful bronze tan and bathing in warm azure waters. These are the most interesting excursions on the mountains and heights, on the thrown caves and the woods and also diving, ATVs, descent on kayaks, a trip to the abandoned islands of unreal beauty and more there is a lot of all fascinating and fascinating.

This country is unique the fact that there will be entertainments for every taste. Having visited Thailand to the tourist will once miss, from amount of sights the head is turned.

One of these places, which is steadily gaining popularity, was the Love Art Park (Love Art Park), which is located in Pattaya. People call him «The Park of Erotic Sculptures». Despite such a specific name, this park is a great place to get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, and also to leave with a huge number of funny photos for memory.


The park of erotic sculptures was founded by the famous Korean sculptor Seon Seo. It was opened in October 2015. The purpose of its creation is to show people that art can be not only serious, but understandable for everyone, that its vocation is to entertain. All the sculptures stand in the open air and everyone can come up close, touch them and even climb up to take a picture.

As the whole team of artists and sculptors worked on creation of exhibits, they have absolutely different style and manner of performance. Over some exhibits it is necessary to break fairly the head to understand their sense, some and remain misunderstood.

However all of them support one idea – to show features of a body of the person, to point that in it there are no shortcomings and there is no perfection. Everyone is unique in own way, and these need to be proud.

Many sculptures are a reflection of problems of modern time and the relations between the man and the woman. One bring esthetic pleasure when viewing, others set thinking on cultural wealth. Each of works bears in itself a secret message which to solve in power not all. However they are executed with humour and contain a part of irony, indicating that the self-irony in a small dose has to be present at each of us.

Anyway, after visit of the park each tourist will carry away with himself a set of various photos and video, many of which should be shown only to close people for moral and ethical reasons.

The architecture of the park

The area of the park is huge and occupies about 49 sq.m. All exhibits are under the open sky and connect among themselves accurately paved paths, fountains, green lawns and vacation spots. In the park there is an artificial lake about which it is possible to have a rest and enjoy beauty and a look. On all area sunshades, little tables and chairs are placed, the big cafe also works.

In the territory of the park Purmoe Art Space is also placed — it is interior gallery in which exhibitions of local photographers, sculptors, artists and other cultural figures are regularly held.

Subject for exhibitions one – a human body and its interaction with the world around.

Even to the tourist far from art, it will be interesting to visit the similar place as exhibits not only set thinking on similar problems, but also develop a flight of fancy.


You will have to pay for visiting the park. An adult ticket costs 500 baht, a child ticket costs 200 baht. The system of discounts applies to local residents.

With a Thai driver’s license and work permit, the ticket costs only 300 baht, and if the tourist is ready to answer a number of intimate questions, the ticket price may drop to 200.


If to reach under the own steam, then the route lies across the road Sukhumvit towards Ambassador City hotel, by Mimoza shopping mall and Ocean Marina yacht-club, after it to turn left. Further it is necessary to move directly, the plate «Pattaya Fishing Arth Park» won’t seem yet.

It is located near the Wat Huayai temple. The route from Pattaya to the park takes 20 minutes by car. A lot of excursions and private carriers leave the city, and they will take them to the right place at an affordable price.


The park accepts all comers every day from 9 am to 7 pm. With the onset of darkness, the lighting on each sculpture lights up, which makes the park incredibly beautiful and fascinating.

This place of interest is obligatory to visit. It attracts with the singularity, and responses of the tourists who visited here, the most joyful and positive.

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