Phuket, islands Phi-Phi, James Bond and Similana are traveled already all over up and down. Remains less excursion places which can be visited between swimming in the sea and fire under the sun. The leg wants to step somewhere else.


How to get there

Where to stay — hotels

Sights and entertainments

And in only 12 km from the southeast coast of Phuket there are two small islands which have still kept the naturalness: the azure sea, palm groves, white creaking sand, corals and small fishes right under your feet,, silence and tranquility.

The island of KOH RACHA YAI known for the ideally transparent sea water, many years are the favourite resort for divers and frogmans.

Racha word comes from the word «Rajah» – «the king, royal». Islands of Racha two: Noi and Yai – Small and Big. Racha Noi is almost desert island with rare beaches, the rocky coast and the wild nature. The absence of tourists does it by the real paradise for fans of diving and fishing.

And here Racha Yai is a full-fledged resort with the developed infrastructure: hotels, bungalow, walking zone, shops, restaurants and entertainments. He is called the Big island or just Racha.

рачаHow to get there

Planes don’t fly there, and trains don’t go. The island is the island, it is necessary to float by the boat. From Phuket on the island of Racha it is possible to get both on the longtail boat, and on the boat, from moorings Chalong or Ravai. It is preferable to reach on the boat or a speedboat as they are less subject to a wave and sharp changes of weather which in tropics happen often. The ticket for the boat costs from the 700th baht ($19) in one party, time in way – 30-40 minutes.

The travel on the longtail boat will cost a little cheaper (at the active bargaining), but the road takes about an hour.

Besides, the trip to the island of Racha can be ordered as a tour in street excursion bureau or at hotel directly on the island Phuket. Trip cost per day, including a transfer in both parties, a lunch and diving with a mask, will cost 1200-1400 baht ($33-38) from the person.

For those who want to stay in silence alone with the nature several days mini-tours lasting 2-3 days with accommodation in one of hotels of the island of Racha are possible. On such trips there is a sense as one-day trip it is too transient and it is impossible to look at all small fishes and monitor lizards of the island.

Boats from the island Phuket come to the island of Racha on its main beach – Patok beach where the pontoon pier is built. That is at once from the ship tourists get on a ball – a wide beach strip with snow-white small sand. Racha Yai receives guests all the year round, only a few times for a summer season of the boat cancel the trips to the island for safety reasons because of a storm.

рачаWhere to stay – hotels

On the island of Racha of the main beaches three: Patok beach, Siam beach and beach in the Kon-Kea Bay. According to these beaches the main locations are located. On Patok beach the best hotel of the island of Racha — The Racha hotel 5* is located. Excellent views of the sea, paddling pool, entertainment zone. All this at the price from $200 during a day of accommodation. Cost grows during a high season to impropriety. During a season of monsoons there is a probability of waves on this beach as this coast is opened to the Andaman Sea.

If to become ashore facing the sea, then on the right side of Patok beach, inexpensive Bungalow Raya Resort is located. Rooms for the most courageous include a grid from insects over a bed, a shower in number and the fan. Room rate from $30.

From the Patok beach to the north islands are conducted by a footpath on which it is possible to reach the beach of the island, the second for the importance — Siam beach — in several minutes. The beach is beautiful. Someone claims that it is even better than the well-known Maya beach from the island Phi-Phi. Really, the spacious, a little extended bay with the wide beach of small sand and with a flat entrance — the convenient vacation spot with children. Here Rayaburi Island Resort Phuket 3* is located. He has only three stars, but there is the pride — a garden. The resort is intended only for non-smoking. Room rate is  from $60 during a day of accommodation.

In the bay Kon-Kea Bay that on east coast of the island of Racha, the Ban Raya Resort & Spa 3* hotel is located. All 48 hotel rooms overlooking the sea. There is a pool Infiniti with a children’s zone. Room rate is from $80 a day. It is possible to refer existence of corals in a bay to pluses of hotel and a rich variety of coral small fishes. There is couple more of small, cozy beaches on the northeast coast of the island. If you weren’t defined read about the best beaches of Phuket according to tourists.

Generally in the tourist purposes the northern part of the island is used. On all perimeter footpaths are laid. It is possible to cross the island from the West to the east and takes 7-10 minutes of slow walking. The center is located still a couple of small bungalows complexes for the budgetary resettlement. In general, on the island of Racha it is possible to come also without concrete plans, and then already to work on weather and mood. It is possible to prolong on the place accommodation for days, and then to return to Phuket in any day on one of the arriving boats.

рачаSights and entertainments

As it was already mentioned, Racha is the island for a privacy, quiet rest in the middle of the nature therefore there isn’t a lot of entertainments, as on the island Phuket. It is possible to note an opportunity to ride bikes, horses, ATVs. Except occupations snorkeling, it is possible to dive also on the neighboring island of Racha Noi. Trips there on the longtail boat will organize from any hotel.

On the island the motorized types of activity, such as water bikes and flights on parachutes behind the boat therefore the island is considered one of the best places for a relaxation are forbidden.

From local sights it is possible to mark out monitor lizards who continually meet on the island and the buffalo s who are peacefully grazed among coconut palms. All this untouched beauty can be made out from the observation platform in the center of the island. There is no night life with noisy discos till the morning here too. But at any hotel it is possible to sit in bar or restaurant under pleasant music in the evening.

Everything you need to can be bought in small shops, cafes and eateries. There are also several «simple» restaurants, bars, massage parlors and diving centers. But you need to remember that the prices here are two times higher than in similar establishments on the island of Phuket. For example, mango-fresh will cost 150 baht ($ 4).

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