As well as in any place of coastal Thailand, on Koh Chang it is accepted to diving.

Content: Dive centers Island of Rang Sunken ship Thonburi Hin Luk Bat Hin Rap Ko Wai Koh Kra Dive centers When it is better to go on Koh Chang for diving On the island tens the dive centers which not only will organize immersions function, but also have the training courses for beginners and also give you to rent the necessary equipment.

The diving on Koh Chang assumes immersion in the high sea from the boat. There are no reeves directly near the coastline of the island. But this does not at all do the acquaintance with the underwater world less exciting.

All centers are located not very far from the southernmost tip of the island: the road to the most distant of them which are in the water area of the island the Rang won't take more than 2 hours. Exactly the most interesting and visited places are located here. Average depth fluctuates within 10-15 meters that gives comfortable opportunities for immersion for divers of any level.

дайвинг ко чанг

Island of Rang The Koh Rang it is surrounded with numerous islands which water area is most attractive to immersions: Koh Tkhian; Koh Yak; Hinn Kaduang (represents two rocks which are sticking out of water). The island Koh Tkhian – small, is located near the northernmost tip of the Rang.

The sea not very deep here, no more than 10 m because of what the place is suitable for the beginning divers, but also and for those who swim on a surface with a mask and a tube (are organized snorkeling tours). There is a coral reef which, it should be noted, any more not such what it was earlier.

Nevertheless interestingly here and always there are numerous objects for observation. The island Yak, though is translated with Thai as "huge", absolutely small too. Sea depth around it exceeds 10 m. Water the cleanest and transparent, a large number of corals, multi-colored actinium (sea anemones), the numerous small fishes hiding among them.

Some sea inhabitants can be found in rocky crevices and hidden at the bottom. Water depth near Hinn Kaduang reaches 30 m. This place is considered one of the deepest dive centers in the area Koh Chang. It is possible to meet a sea turtle and one of species of a small reef shark here. And if doesn't carry to come across rare inhabitants of depth, then it isn't terrible: the reef with its inhabitants is beautiful also without them.

Sunken ship Thonburi Places of ship-wrecks naturally attract interest. Absolutely nearby, in 200 m from the southeast extremity of Koh Chang the vessel which has sunk during World War II lies. Depth – 30 meters.

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Hin Luk Bat Under the name Hin Luk Bat the big rocky formation which is menacingly sticking out of water disappears. It is in 30 minutes of driving to the south from Bangbao pier, is rather easily available (in comparison with a two-hour trip to the Koh Rang).

At the same time this diving center offers quite good terms for immersion: transparent water, 20-meter depth, multilevel reef. Here it is easily possible to spend hour and more, studying the sea life presented by packs of uncountable fishes, starfishes, single barracudas and other inhabitants.

Hin Rap In 2 kilometers to the south of Hin Luk Bat one more rocky reef – Hin Rap is located. Here quite good corals and a huge number of the small small fishes living large flocks. Depth – no more than 16 m.

Koh Wai The water area of the island of Koh Vay is of interest the fact that here it is possible to see a reef and leopard shark. Both don't constitute danger to the person, have the small sizes, but impressive – if to compare to other local inhabitants.

дайвинг ко чанг

Koh Kra The island of Koh Kra is rather removed from Koh Chang – there is near the island a Rank. The bottom in its water area represents slightly sloping reef, and corals are located not more deeply 5 m that does this diving center by the convenient place for the beginning divers. And the slopes which have stood in the very bottom will delight any.

DIVE CENTERS There are no problems with the search for dive centers on Koh Chang. Any hotel cooperates with one or more companies that organize diving. Contact the hotel administrator and you will certainly be offered all available options. You can turn directly to one of dozens of dive clubs. Sometimes this way you can buy a dive tour a little cheaper, as some hotels have a habit of overstating the price, although they, as wholesale distributors, dive centers make a substantial discount.

To make it easier for you to make a decision, we will quote the prices for the services of dive centers per person: day dive - $ 50; night dive - $ 65; snorkeling - $ 30. The cost includes a road to the place and back, rental of dive equipment. Essentially, you can save money if there are several divers. So, when paying immediately for 3 people, some dive clubs give a discount - up to 30% of the cost. The cost of training for diving courses with a certificate is from $ 120 to $ 1000.

WHEN THE BEST TO GO TO KOH CHANG FOR DIVING In the dry season (November to May), the water is as clear as possible: visibility is up to 25 m. The possibility of diving is also available in other months. The Gulf of Thailand is almost always calm, unlike, for example, the Andaman Sea, which usually storms during the wet season. However, the rains, which are activated from June to October, worsen the visibility under the water.