Numerous temples of Pattaya will help to gain an impression about religious practices and traditions of Thais. Their atmosphere gives a pacification, reminds of the main vital values.


Wat Yansangwararam

Viharnra Sien — «abode of the gods»

Wat Sattahip

Big Buddha

The Temple of Truth or unfinished masterpiece

Participation in simple rituals installs belief in the safe future. Some of cult constructions became popular sights, monuments of Buddhist culture and original architecture.

Wat YansangwararamWat Yannsangwararam

The biggest temple complex of Pattaya – Wat Yannasangwararam ‒ tourists call just Wat Yang. In the huge territory over 146 hectares are located structures of different architectural styles, numerous sculptures, unique religious relics are stored. It is one of the few places which have kept the well-groomed park with arbors for meditation and the ponds covered with lotuses.

The main temple and all complex is called in honor of the patriarch of Thailand the venerable Janasangwon. Construction of his residence has ended in 1976. Since then the territory Wat Yang has considerably extended, thanks to protection of the monarch. The gold statues of Rama VII and Sinakharinthra princess cast to the utmost became a sign of respect and gratitude to the royal family.

The white cone of a sanctuary differs from traditional temples of Pattaya in height and innovative elements of architecture.

Thais consider Wat Yang wonder-working, thanks to the main relic – a print of a foot of great Buddha. She is stored in a small chapel of Mondop at hill top. That to see her, it is necessary to pay the 50th baht and to overcome 300 steps, in passing getting rid of a negative. Thais will read also other local shrine: a mortar with Buddha’s relics.

In the museum of the temple a strong impression is made by the meditating monks from wax. Figures of full size seem live. At the top is a popular viewing platform. Magnificent views to the Gulf of Thailand and picturesque vicinities bewitch beauty.

In five kilometers from the main temple there is Mount Khao Xing Chang with the well-known rock drawing of the sitting Buddha. A giant image with a height of 160 m is unrivaled. Contours of the figure created by means of lasers are laid out by gold plates, are visible from far away.

Viharnra Sien - "abode of the gods"Viharnra Sien — «abode of the gods»

This colorful architectural ensemble, built in 1988, became a gift of China to the royal dynasty. It combines the functions of a religious building with a museum.

The temple is guarded by statues of armed soldiers in a variety of outfits. From the roofs vigilantly watch dragons and mythical monsters. Smart multi-colored buildings of Chinese style have no analogues in the country.

The museum represents a collection of national artifacts, images of the Chinese governors, horse soldiers esteemed the deities and gifts brought to the king. On a balcony the picturesque group of soldiers has forever stiffened.

Wat SattahipWat Sattahip

On antiquity any of temples in Pattaya can’t compete to the cult building built in 1899 at Rama V government. At Wat Sattakhip there is the second name – Wat Luang Pkho I. This name of the talented monk who has created the project of construction with a peculiar architecture.

The building is planned so that parishioners came from the street, and left through the door conducting on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

In the temple there is a statue of a life-size monk cast at the expense of fans of Luang Pho. It has helped many parishioners and left about himself kind memory.

The Wat Sattakhip is located in the area of the same name. The small graceful building attracts with the originality. In his territory traditional Buddhist mortars and several pagodas in which there live monks are located.

Большой буддаBig Buddha

The popular temple attracts travelers with the well-known sculpture of Big Buddha 15 m high. Width of the huge gilded statue established in 1977, about 10 m. It has been created on the funds raised by monks.

As the place for installation of a shrine have chosen the highest hill – 140 m above sea level. It carries the name Big Buddha Hill. Residents of Pattaya are proud of the temple complex and often visit it.

On top of the hill the ladder from 120 steps conducts. According to the legend, they need to be considered at rise. He who does not get off, has a pure aura. Rise is guarded on both sides by seven-domed snakes — are gold color.

To get to the altar of the Buddha, it is customary to receive a blessing and a amulet from the monk in the lower temple. At an entrance leave a white envelope, having invested in him the 20th baht. Having subdued Holm Bolshogo of Buddha, visitors enter other temple for ritual purification. Having left small donation, it is possible to make a treasured wish.

At Big Buddha’s altar believers light candles and say prayers. The main statue is surrounded by 10 sculptures of Buddha in the different embodiments and poses.

One are responsible for certain days of the week, others for welfare and other needs. Favourite entertainment of tourists – to throw a coin in a stomach of the figure bringing wealth.

To get rid of diseases and purify karma, it is recommended to strike with a stick on the bells with sacred mantras. They hang near a ladder. Other option – to buy a cage with birds and to set them free.

With the observation deck of Mount Pratamnak where there is the highest point of Pattaya, all city is visible. In the evening the temple complex with illumination looks vision from east fairy tale.

The Temple of Truth or unfinished masterpieceThe Temple of Truth or unfinished masterpiece

The history of this temple is reminiscent of the epopee La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. A giant structure, designed to tell about varieties of Eastern religion, is being built since 1981. The author of the idea and the main sponsor was Lek Viryapan, a Thai businessman, who dreamed of acquainting everyone with the philosophical revelations of Buddhism. In 2000, he passed away, and The Sanctuary of Truth is not yet complete.

This is one of the most interesting temples of Pattaya. The entire structure and intricate decoration are made of valuable wood. Skilful carved ornaments frame the interior with figures of saints and mythical characters.

The temple strikes fantastic outlines and colossal scale: its height and width exceed 100 m. It is considered the largest wooden temple in the city and the whole country. The architecture of Vang Boran is a mixture of Indian, Khmer, Thai and Chinese styles.

The entrance fee is paid, the ticket costs 500 baht.


In the large temples of Pattaya, a strict dress code: clothes should cover shoulders and legs. Shoes are removed before entering. It is not recommended to touch monks and ministers.

When going to take photographs, pay attention to the prohibitory signs. Sitting on the floor is accepted, cross-legged, so as not to violate the traditions of Buddhism.

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