Samui is the second-large island of Thailand. Organized tourism develops more than forty years here. Delightful beaches and comfortable hotels, numerous sights and the developed tourist infrastructure have made the island one of the centers of world tourism.


«Tesco» to Samui

How to reach?

What to buy?

Other supermarkets to Samui

Local exotic



One of the entertainment is shopping: shopping centers Samui are ready to offer the traveler a full range of goods: from local exotics to the usual food. Even if a non-all-inclusive hotel is chosen for the tour, the tourist will not have to subsist on hunting for representatives of the local fauna: just go to one of the local shops.

«Tesco» to Samui

The largest megamarket of Samui is «Tesco Lotus». It includes do not only the floor space: there are numerous points of a public catering (beginning from cheap snack bars and finishing quite decent restaurants), additional small shops and many other things.

Local exoticHow to reach?

Get to the «Tesco Lotus» is not difficult: it is located on the ring road that encircles the island, near the airport. From the hotel there go local minibus (tuk-tuk) and a taxi. In addition, if you have a driving license, you can rent a car or a moped and get there yourself: car traffic in Thailand left-side, but you can get used to it quickly enough.

Except the «main» Tesco Lotus, which is located in the capital of the island is the city of Nathon, there are two more hypermarkets — next to the cities of Chaweng and Lamai.

What to buy?

Assortment of goods «Tesco» to describe there is no sense: suffice it to say that you can buy literally everything from baby food to household appliances. Prices may surprise the Russian tourist, as they differ from the usual ones both in the big and the smaller side.

Features of pricing are caused by the orientation of the island’s economy on tourism.

Goods bought by local residents are worth a penny.

Goods that the islander will never buy (for example, souvenirs or sunblock) are worth more, since tourists (Thai people call them «farangs») bring money with them, which form the basis of Samui’s economy.

Other supermarkets to Samui

Except «Tesco Lotus», hypermarkets to Samui are presented by rather unknown BIG-C and Makro Cash and Carry brands in Russia. They are in many respects similar to Tesco, it is only less by the sizes. There are products, clothes and footwear, electronics and souvenirs, entertainments and an opportunity to have dinner.

Difference from «Tesco Lotus» — the smaller range, advantage – here much smaller buyers (at the rate on square meter of the floor space). Besides, among buyers there are much more locals.

One more feature – many goods are sold wholesale: beer – packings, water – boxes, pasta – boxes.

Besides network supermarkets, on the island local outlets are located: from supermarkets, comparable by the sizes with Pyaterochka (so-called shops of step availability) to small little shops of ten square meters.

It can’t be compared by the prices and the range to huge megamarkets, their main advantage – the convenient location. If to look at the map of the island, it is possible to note that the vast majority of large shops are along the coast.

Local exotic

Fried insects who became an informal symbol of Asian cookery, in «Tesco Lotus» you do not to find. But here (as in any other store in Samui), you can find products related to the Thai exotic (long ago become part of popular culture).

Except a «traditional» set of goods of a network supermarket, tourists can buy goods, unusual to the European. If to speak about food, it is first of all various seafood. They can be got in the markets located near fishing villages (for example, Bopkhut). Exotic fruit are in the second place in popularity.

It is natural that consequences of the use of the products bought in a supermarket, and the products bought in the market can differ. Inevitable acclimatization in combination with individual intolerance of components of food can lead to unpleasant consequences therefore to tourists recommend to try local delicacies with care.

Any Russian tourist considers necessary to bring from Thailand a mini-gift for relatives, friends and colleagues: products of local masters or at least a magnet on the refrigerator.

All this can be got literally in each shop of Thailand, Samui isn’t an exception. Here, even in the pharmacy or branch of the bank, you can find something that will go down for a souvenir with local coloring.

еда самуиEntertainments

If the purpose of your travel to Thailand – sex tourism, then supermarkets to Samui are able to offer nothing to you. But here in the largest network supermarkets it is obligatory to eat other entertainments: bowling, movie theater, children’s playground, etc.

Naturally, next to all the main attractions of the island (Buddhist shrines, oceanariums and picturesque rocks), you can also find outlets.


All large shopping centers to Samui have public catering points: from fast food to restaurants. In «Tesco Lotus», BIG-C and Makro Cash and Carry is restaurants of the European and Asian cuisine. Besides, the part of the square of these shopping centers is taken away under a so-called food court: there is numerous small restaurants of fast food are located.

Most of them are focused on food habitual to the European and offer the buyer food of the KFC format. But there are also restaurants offering local exotic: seafood soup on coconut milk («Tom Yam»), fruit, unusual to the Russian tourist (lychee, durian, mangosteen and others) and also the well-known «Centenary» or «Pink» eggs – chicken or duck eggs, marinated according to the special recipe.

Shopping centers of Koh Samui are part of the tourist infrastructure, catered for servicing the many thousands of tourists and satisfying any need for consumer goods. Minimal knowledge of English is all that is necessary for the successful search for any product, starting from a toothpick and ending with a car.

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