The Thai folk medicine is known worldwide. It production is popular among tourists partly thanks to enterprising tour operators. Guides have for curious travelers prepared a lot of interesting tales and embellished stories. Content: What is special about Royal Pharmacies? Products on the shop-window of the Royal Pharmacies One of them is the only one of a kind Royal Pharmacy! There are no more than 11 in the whole country. They are the property of the royal family. All drugs are developed under their vigilant control and guidance. Guides did not lie that pharmacies belong to the royal people. Since land in Thailand is leased and can not be acquired into ownership. And everything that is built, houses, various factories and enterprises, are also part of the royal possessions. But the king does not have the ability to personally monitor all production processes. The royal family only has charged to develop a number of serious medical projects. They support scientific developments, allocates funds and contributes to the development of traditional medicine. In one of the developed projects have been delivered to Thailand: a mushroom of a linchzha and unique on the properties of a spirulin. For them necessary conditions have been created to grow up plants in a large number. ROYAL PHARMACY THAILAND: MYTH OR REALITY?What is special in Royal Pharmacies? Pharmaceutical production of high quality, but with a big markup. Royal drugstores of Thailand are focused on tourists. Here it is possible to buy means with the instruction in Russian and to get rather distinct advice. But druggists and the accompanying guides emotionally "warm up" trustful tourists. Intentionally create an agiotage around Royal drugstores. Inspire that in any other places you will come across low-quality production, marriage or a fake. Medicines from these drugstores aren't produced for export. Therefore it is possible to get them only here. But this is not so! Other pharmacies in Thailand sell similar drugs and are much cheaper. The only negative, there are no instructions in Russian and it is impossible to explain with the pharmacist. If you know what a jar or box looks like with the drug you need (or you have a photo on your cell phone), you can buy it from other local pharmacies. If you do not understand anything in Thai folk medicine or you need consultation, it's better to take it at the Royal Pharmacies. Just do not give in to the general hype! Do not grab everything in a row on emotions, so that you do not regret the wasted large sums. ROYAL PHARMACY THAILAND: MYTH OR REALITY?Products on the shop-window of the Royal Pharmacies Almost all the products presented are based on natural raw materials, vegetable and animal origin. Therefore, drugs like any dietary supplements should be taken for a long time and follow the instructions clearly. The result, as from homeopathic remedies is mild, gradually manifested. From a single pill, a miracle will not happen! The exception is different Thai balms. They, depending on the purpose, have an instantaneous effect: they warm up or cool, they remove puffiness and pain. Some relieve itching after insect bites, others help with sunburn. Most components in the composition of balsams, creams and "magic pills" can be found in many preparations of foreign and Russian origin. So the stories of experienced guides that the Royal Pharmacies sell unique means of Thai folk medicine, which have no analogs in the whole world - is a myth. At the same time enterprising guides tell about numerous miracles of healing. They share stories, how without much difficulty women dumped to 50 kg of excess weight. Not less demand in the royal pharmacies of Thailand are used various herbal preparations, roots and teas. Tourists try to buy them for themselves, for friends and relatives. The most popular is blue tea (Anchan). During brew, it looks spectacular. Unusual, saturated color. Blue tea is a source of vitamins and trace elements, improves eyesight, strengthens blood vessels, prevents hair loss. It tastes rather peculiar, it is necessary to get used to it. Components in many drugs do have therapeutic properties. Cosmetics, various ointments and tablets, tooth powders of high quality. But the miraculous behavior of drugs from royal pharmacies is somewhat exaggerated in order to attract tourists. But such stories fascinate and create a special atmosphere in Thailand.