Food in Phuket is presented in such abundance and diversity that tourist will not be hungry here. The island offers a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars for every taste and purse. Local cuisine is very specific and rich in seafood and spices. Resting on the island, you should definitely try the national dishes of Thai cuisine.

And if you want something less exotic, then to the services of tourists cafe with European or Russian cuisine. The price range is very wide. In Phuket, you can eat delicious and cheap fast food from street vendors or in small cafes or go to one of the elite pathos restaurants located on the coast or on a hilltop to enjoy not only the exquisite masterpieces of local chefs, but also beautiful views of the island.

Baan Rim Pa Restaurant

From a restaurant located on a low cliff, a wide view opens up to the fashionable beach of Kalim Beach and the entire gulf of Patong. From the wooden alcoves "Baan Rim Pa" you can admire the sunset and the waves that break down below about granite stones. The softly lit hall, decorated with teak wood and copper elements, and the marble-lined marble bathrooms combine this refined classics with modern luxury.

The wine list of the restaurant is recognized as one of the best in the country. Prices range from 2 to 100 thousand baht. Staff "Baan Rim Pa" is well versed in the combination of varieties of wines with various dishes and will be happy to help the client in choosing. In the restaurant, guests are treated to royal Thai dishes - from chicken stuffed with herbs, garnished with corn in batter, or roasted shrimps with nuts for snacks until tender crab meat in a spicy marinade or duck-curry in a creamy sauce as the main dish.

Many travelers come to this place to feast on the most delicious seafood dishes in Phuket. The impeccably dressed, unobtrusive staff is mostly female. On average, a dinner for two in the "Baan Rim Pa" will cost 2,000 baht.

Raya Restaurant

If you want to try traditional Thai dishes in an elegant and unobtrusive atmosphere, you should visit the restaurant "Raya".

A zigzag staircase in the center of the hall, an ancient gramophone at the entrance, a floor paved with mosaic tiles, pictures of Thai rulers on the stages - the whole institution is imbued with the spirit of the colonial era. Standing apart from the best restaurants in Phuket, Raya does not need advertising, it attracts locals and tourists with delicious homemade cuisine, a distinctive atmosphere and reasonable prices. Lunch will cost for two in the restaurant about 800 baht.

French restaurant "Le Versace"

This establishment claims to be the leader among the restaurants of Patong by its elegance and pretentious . The two-storeyed building on the hill provides its guests with the opportunity to contemplate the panorama of the beach and the sea.

All the interior items of the establishment, from cutlery and dishes to sofas and lamps, are designed by the design company of the same name. Le Versace serves French and Mediterranean cuisine. Delicious cream soup, air mashed potatoes with tender fillet of sea bass, tartar from veal, foie gras - all this will bring true gastronomic pleasure to the sophisticated gourmets.

The intimate atmosphere of the restaurant makes it an ideal place for romantic meetings, however, they are also happy to give a decent reception to small companies and organize a banquet. Despite all the pathos, there is no dress code in the restaurant, you can go in beach clothes and shoes. The restaurant opens daily, except Tuesday, at 17:00 and works until the last visitor.

Le Versace on a map:

Restaurant & Bar «2gether»

This place is one of the most visited restaurants on Caron, the western beach of Phuket. Over the twelve-year history of existence, he was twice recognized as the best restaurant on the coast.

The menu will appeal to fans of European cuisine. There are very deliciously prepared Swedish meatballs, Italian pasta and French fries here. First-class food, large portions make this place attractive for a family dinner or a friendly get-together.

Crown dishes of the restaurant - shish kebab with three sauces and beef steak, garnished with young asparagus, stand here 595 and 695 baht respectively. Day in the "2gether" is quite quiet and not crowded, but after 19:00 the hall, designed for 80 visitors, is packed to capacity. Live music with international repertoire sounds unobtrusively, without interfering with the conversation at the table.

Russian Restaurants in Phuket

Being a long time in Thailand and fed up with exotic cuisine, you want something familiar, homely. In Phuket, this problem does not arise, since there are many Russian restaurants here, where borscht, chops, pel'menis and potatoes are offered in the menu - everything that is so precious to the heart and pleasant to the stomach of a Russian tourist.

Kolobok Restaurant

The inconspicuous signboard and the ascetic interior of the establishment are more than offset by delicious food and generous portions. Borsch, cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes with a chopper here are cooked as at home.

There is a television broadcasting Russian channels in the hall. You can tightly lunch or order food with for 600-700 baht.

Chekhov Restaurant

Cozy establishment near the beach Kata offers dishes of Russian, European and Thai cuisine.

A rich menu, reasonable prices and comfortable atmosphere have made the restaurant a favorite place for tourists. There are always a lot of visitors. From 12:00 to 17:00 for 200 baht you can take a business lunch.

Cat's Cafe in Phuket

Moustached, striped, fluffy, cute creatures conquer the world. Following Taiwan and Japan, Thailand also succumbed to the catastrophe and opened the country's first institution of this format in the center of Phuket Town. In "Cat Cafe" live about two dozen cats of different breeds and ages.

In the first hall you can taste simple Thai or European cuisine. But the café attracts visitors, of course, not with food. The whole feature of the institution in the second room, where the tailed residents of the establishment live. In this room, a number of rules should be strictly observed. Before entering the hall, disinfect hands and change street shoes to clean slippers.

Seals are forbidden to pull, distract from food and rest. Photographed with fluffy employees of the cafe is allowed only without a flash. Non-compliance with the rules entails a fine of 1000 baht.

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Grill-bar «360 °»

This is one of the most romantic bars in Phuket. The architecture of the building creates a sense of floating above the island. With sunset, when the soft light turns on, and visitors in cozy armchairs slowly sip the branded cocktails of the establishment, there is an atmosphere of appeasement and detachment from worldly vanity.

Phuket is not only a warm sea, sandy beaches and hot sun, it's also an opportunity to try unique local cuisine. Outwardly some Thai delicacies do not look very appetizing, but the taste is amazing. Food in Thailand in Phuket, offered by numerous establishments, is unlike any other cuisine, so you should not deny yourself new sensations.