The most famous place in Pattaya is the hotel and entertainment complex Pattaya Park. It was built in 1985. Since the 1990s, it was so "occupied" by immigrants from the former USSR (mostly Russians) that it seemed that it was not Thailand, but Sochi. All the signs in the Russian language, and even on the market price lists are clear "sht" and "kg."

Today Chinese begin to restrict all this Russian world. So if you want to manage to see the cult place of the Russian tourists in Pattaya in the form in which it existed for 20 years, then the Pattaya tower and the park should be visited. The tower and the territory adjoining to it make a uniform tourist and entertainment complex which includes:


It is the largest hotel of Pattaya. Consists from:

  • 25-storey case tower;
  • 14-storey second case;
  • several lodges as a bungalow with 1 and 2 bedrooms.

At the same time the hotel can place more than 700 guests. It is necessary to notice that hotel old, numbers, even the most luxury with windows at the sea – are ordinary. Somewhere shabby, somewhere creaks. There are in many rooms still kinescope TVs. But there is in each room a balcony, air conditioning, a bathroom. There is a dining room on the ground floor. You can order food directly in the room.


There are three restaurants. They are located in the tower, growing from a hotel building, on 52, 53, 54 floors. Of all the restaurants, there is a panoramic view of the sea and all of Pattaya from a height of approximately 170 m. The grounds rotate slowly around their axis. Visitors are not very many, and this is the second positive point of these restaurants.

In general, there is the same dilapidation as in the hotel. Plus, the glass from the outside, probably did not wash from the very opening. Food prices are quite sky-high: a buffet is $ 15 per person. An additional bonus for lunch is a free attraction.

Observation deck and attraction

There is on the 55th floor an observation deck. As a tower – the highest place in Pattaya, here surely is delivered by all sightseeing city tours. An entrance on the platform – the 200th baht ($5) – even for lodgers of hotel. Above as a bonus persons interested can be treated with free soft drink. It is possible to go down from the observation deck not on the elevator, and on the ropeway: individually, having fastened to a cable, or with group, having taken place in a cabin.

Entertainment is included into a complex excursion to the observation deck and costs the 400th baht. The only problem is dilapidation: judging by appearance, the equipment didn't change from the moment of opening, everything creaks, and, that look, will collapse. Nevertheless, people ride, and accidents didn't happen.

Amusement park and aquapark

Despite the fact that the attractions are on the territory of the hotel, they perform the function of city-wide entertainment - the same that our city parks bear. Anyone can visit them for 100 baht. Therefore, on weekends, whole Thai families come here.

Thais enjoy having fun, ride on attractions, on water slides, swim in the pool. A set of attractions is standard:

  • steep hills;
  • not very steep hills;
  • free fall;
  • monorail locomotive;
  • boat;
  • carousels.

In aquapark – hills, several pools, umbrellas and sunbeds. It is good to have a rest with family here. Often it is too crowded: hotel big, plus still there come local.

Pluses and minuses

It all depends on what you want from the rest, and that in your view is a good rest. If you have never traveled to the sea beyond Sochi or the Crimea, and you like to rest in multi-storey sanatoriums of the Soviet era surrounded by people speaking your language, the hotel in the tower will be a good option for accommodation in Pattaya. You will not only be in a familiar atmosphere, but also live for two weeks in a room with a sea view for $ 600 for two. Remove civilized housing cheaper is unlikely to succeed.

It is the best option if you aren't going to carry out all rest on the hotel territory, you plan to leave and spend much time in the city. Or if you have a rest with family: you near by will always have entertainments for children. If and on the atmosphere of hotels you don't miss compatriots, and ready to pay more and you want to receive more refined service, then hotel in the Pattaya tower not for you.

Reference information

The park is next to the hill of the big Buddha. Address: 345 Jomtien Beach. Tel. (66-038) 251201-8. You can get from any area of Pattaya to tuk tuk. The price is negotiable - 100-150 baht ($ 3-4) for the whole car. The amusement park and water park are open from 10.00 to 17.00. Restaurants in the tower work from 11.00 to 22.00. The observation deck is open from 9.00 to 19.00.