Tranquility, silence, the admiring nature in all the variety – the first that is associated with parks of Bangkok. If you having been tired of active recreation, the big megalopolis, people find a pacification, visiting such paradisiacal corners. The largest parks are located in the downtown, but, despite it the silence reigns in them.


Lumpini Park

Queen Sirikit Park

Tropical Park of orchids and butterflies

Bendjasiri blues

Rot Fai


Having got to the park, you for a while forget about city bustle. Exotic plants, trees, flower glades, funny fishes and rare animals – only a small part of what you will be able to enjoy.

Let’s consider a little the most visited by tourists, wonderful parks of Bangkok, having made a mental trip to small paradise.

лимпони паркLumpini Park

The spacious asphalted alleys, huge trees, funny lizard and morning complex tai chi performed by locals –that’s what characterizes the oldest Lumpini Park. Tai chi – the psychophysical exercises used by Chinese throughout centuries for improvement of health, strengthening of courage and a body.

When you will in the park, you will see groups of people of different ages practicing these activities and if you wish, you will be able to practice tai chi in practice. Also, a large number of people daily engaged in running, yoga. In the evening, free group lessons on aerobics are held for all comers. In some places there are street simulators, and near the park there is a fitness room.

Here you will also see lizards. You can watch a funny picture: a large species tries to swallow an entire huge fish, but it turns out she has not done it on the first try.

Many lakes are teeming with various fish, and along the shore stork, herons, pelicans stroll in search of food. Brightly decorated with national arbours, unusual sculptures, vegetation and fresh air are all for enjoyment. To get here easily by public transport, metro. The station is called Lumpini.

Queen Sirikit ParkQueen Sirikit Park

Inverted fishes, the dancing fountain, bamboo huts is the unusual world of the amazing Sirikit Park. Here, amusing fishes live in the lake, they swim on a water surface a belly to top.

Among the many huge trees a cannon can be Cannonball Tree  — a tree with large brown fruits of round shape resembling a cannonball. The show is curious, but it is worth being afraid of an unusual plant: according to stories by locals, more than once such kernel fell on the head of the person. As for bamboo huts – they help to get acquainted with local culture closer. Inside fakes from a bamboo, national clothes, portraits of the famous people of the past are presented. At a structure of a lodge only the bamboo is used.

On an oak, figs and other trees, squirrels albinos jump, if you are lucky you can do with them selfie. In the pond, majestic black swans swim, and ordinary geese walk alongside.

A rare attraction, located in the Queen Sirikit Park — a trail for the blind. Yes, people who are blind can also enjoy nature and wildlife, thanks to a specially equipped area where with Braille’s font are next to the plants. The person touch the inscription, touches the plant, imagining it.

Also equipped with high columns with convex images of birds, animals, which can also be touched, creating a tangible image in the mind.

One more trail – a trail of school students. Children, teenagers can read the illustrated information, about animals, birds, the plants living in the park. Notes are represented at stone stands.

The garden is in a northern part of the city, the address Kampaengphet 2 Rd. It is possible to reach by bus, the subway, the taxi. The entrance is open till eight in the evening.

Tropical Park of orchids and butterfliesTropical Park of orchids and butterflies

Fantastic landscapes, the sea of tropical plants, flowers, tremendous butterflies – all this you want to enjoy hours. The entertainment program of the park also includes national representations, a show of elephants, dances, acrobatics, circus and many other things. Children can feed birds on specially fenced square, play, pat.

The park is divided into different parts (more than ten), everyone has his own name. For example, garden of orchids, pineapples, cactuses. In each of them all variety of family of plants, fruit and flowers is presented. Having visited the tropical park, you feel the sincere world, you feel fine, you realize human opportunities, because the whole territory is planted manually.

The area of butterflies is a separate world, in which one wants to fly gracefully and radiate beauty.

It is possible to reach, having bought an excursion tour, by bus, the subway or by the motor-taxi (other name «Tuk-tuk»).

Bendjasiri bluesBendjasiri blues

The park where there is a zone for rest, entertainment with children and a zone for sports. Fans of a skateboarding can enjoy driving on specially built platform. Also there is a zone for volleyball and the big pool. On all area of a garden ethnic sculptures and on what bench you wouldn’t sit are located, it is possible to behold one of them.

It will be interesting to both adults and children to feed the squirrels jumping on trees. For this purpose it is necessary to take a nutlet, to bring to a tree and to wait. Having seen a nutlet, the squirrel will quickly run up, will grab prey and will immediately away back. It is possible to feed also the fishes with turtles living in the lake on which coast beautiful birds slowly walk. Also in the park there are a lot of high trees and during a summer heat it is possible to take cover under their shadow.

Active young people often arrange rehearsals of various performances, for which there is an opportunity to observe.

Address of the wonderful Bendjasiri Park Between Sois 22. You can get to the address by public transport.

Rot FaiRot Fai

A serene green island for a measured rest and enjoying the flora. Here it is possible to observe a romantic show – blossoming of sakura, it is especially fine when the sakura begins to be showered and everything becomes covered by beautiful petals around. Beautiful pictures are provided to you.

Also in the Rot Fai grow majestic trees, the age of which reaches thousands of years. Some of their roots grow on the ground and extend in different directions. Watching this, one can not help thinking about existence.

This park is suitable for those who like to enjoy the view of trees and tropical plants, for those who want to work out in a deserted place or just be alone with their thoughts.

Address Kampaeng Phet 3 Road. The entrance is open until eight in the evening.


The last park in Bangkok which we will regard is to the Chatuchak. It is the most visited because it is not far from the metro. Here everyone is engaged in something special. Someone rides a bike, someone practices yoga, and someone just comes for morning jog.

Tourists, most often visit to the Chatuchak to admire the nature, to drive by boats and also to visit the largest market of Bangkok which is taking place on the weekend near the park. In the territory to the Chatuchak is also the Railway museum in which the history of railway roads of Thailand is clearly demonstrated.

This recreation area will be for the heart and lovers of shopping, as there is a large shopping center nearby.

The easiest way to get to Chatuchak is BTS Metro, the Mo Chit station.

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