Nikki Beach is a recognizable international brand, founded in 1998 in Miami. There are only 10 such beaches, and one of them is on the island of Phuket in Thailand.


Entertainment Price list How to get there Nikki beach a scourge is on the western coast of the island. It is a part of the Layan beach on the bank of the Andaman Sea. In his territory the two-storey building in which there is a VIP-zone for private rest is built: parties and holidays.

The terrace coming to the coast includes the pool, and at the edges of him two stylish bars. There is the center of the pool the small wooden bridge. All terrace is beautifully decorated with palm trees, chaise lounges are placed everywhere.

In the building there is a dining room on 100 people for those who want to hide from the sun, and above the big hall for lunches with unforgettable views of a sea smooth surface in the open air. All this once again speaks about big scope of the Nikki Beach project.


Objects of a brand of Nikki Beach, as we know, open a scourge not everywhere but only in those places which are considered as the most exclusive and romantic. Creators call the creation by "the most sexual place on the earth". And you can be sure of this by visiting it, since there, mainly, young people come.

On the new beach of the island Phuket it is pleasant to have a rest during any season. He is known for the clear and quiet water and also the pleasant atmosphere. The beach perfectly is suitable also for abrupt night parties, and for the pacified rest in the afternoon. In his territory to be a huge number of chaise lounges, having a rest on which, it is possible to admire a paradise view and sea landscapes and also amazingly beautiful and bewitching sunset.

And the chic kitchen won't leave indifferent even the choosiest gourmet. At opening of this place in March, 2014 it was possible to see many celebrities. For example, Hollywood stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kellan Lutz's. It once again confirms that Nikki a scourge is a fashionable and modern vacation spot. Nikki beach a scourge — not just the beach ashore with white sand and the sea. This some kind of place of fun and positive.

The guests, and often it is regular customers, the beach club pleases with fashionable and modern music, popular and famous DJs and also high level of service. Every day there take place live shows with the famous bright dancers and fiery representations. This place is also famous for its themed days and exclusive art events, which makes it, undoubtedly, the most fashionable and desirable beach of the whole island. And better to present distinction, read article, about the most popular beaches of Phuket.

Price listPrice list

The Italian chef feeds guests of complex of Nikki beach. The lunch is generally classical, the simple menu costs about $10, it is also possible to taste various snack and sushi. The dinner to prepare generally for two and will cost you approximately $85. Here luxurious and exotic dishes are presented. For example, popular Nikki sushi boat for $185 feed up to eight people.

The chaise lounge hire on four people costs $142. This cost has included also food and drinks. The usual plank bed on one will cost you $14. Nikki beach scourge plans to develop further. Shortly here the hotel of top-class with original design containing in itself 174 numbers will be constructed.

How to get thereHow to get there

It is possible to get to this improbable place quite simply, the beach to be in only 20 minutes of driving from the international airport of Phuket. Therefore, having taken a cab, already through short time you will get to the atmosphere of a positive and paradise pleasure. Tariffs for direct flight usually fixed also make about $14.

See for yourself that the beach complex Nikki Beach on Phuket combines a magnificent beach, elegant design, endless fireworks entertainment and delicious cuisine. Truly, this is a new branch in the history of Thailand.