In addition to the old temples, well-equipped beaches, the South China and Andaman seas, the Thai attraction is also Thai massage.  It has a positive effect on human health, relieves nervous tension and relaxes all muscles.  Massage in Pattaya is especially popular with tourists.

It strengthens the cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary systems of the body, it is considered a proven means for the prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke.  Thai massage - a useful thing, it will cost you a mere penny. 

But it will be of great benefit. In this article we will explain where in Pattaya to find the most reliable and proven salons of Thai massage, how not to confuse them with brothels and inform about the approximate cost of the services of masseuses.

Pattaya is a resort of national color and bright contrasts, where massages are oriented to mass customer service, an individual approach to visitors is practiced only in expensive and elite salons. Experienced travelers are advised to choose richly furnished massage parlors, where there are air conditioning systems, and physically strong women or men at least 30 years of age work.

Qualitative massage in Pattaya requires the performer physical endurance, practical skills and professional knowledge.  The cost of massage affects the place where massage services are provided. Approximate prices: for massage salons from 150 baht, on the beach from 200 baht, in SPA salons the hour of massage will cost from 1000 baht, with the departure to the client - the prices are individual.

The best massage salons

Just want to say that no matter where you live in Pattaya, and where you would not have abandoned the tour operator or self-selection, next you will find a lot of salons where the prices are almost the same.

Popular salons among tourists: Ring Massage.  It is located at the intersection of Second Road and Soi 13. Green Bamboo.  It is located near the largest shopping center Royal Garden Plaza Mall, in the alley City Walk. Siam Corner Massage.  This salon is comfortably located on Second Road.  Ayutthaya Thai Massage.  It is close to the three-star Welcome Plaza Hotel. 

Savanna salon network - the salon is located in the Kozi Beach area, on the Russian Pratamnake street that is next to Royal Cliff. The listed institutions have earned an impeccable reputation among customers and offer various types of procedures at democratic prices.


For Pattaya, the reputation of the city for sexual entertainment and real permissiveness was firmly entrenched, so most of the Spa-outlets in it were retrained into brothels, where light-minded girls work around the clock to provide clients with sexual services. When you are in Pattaya, it's better not to risk your money and health, but immediately go to decent salons with a good reputation. Employees of such institutions apply an individual approach to each client, offer professional service.

To make an objective and reliable picture of the quality of Thai massage in institutions of different price categories, you can watch a thematic video on the Internet and draw the appropriate conclusions. If you distinguish the massage salon from an institution with a dubious reputation is not difficult: Attributes of not quite a massage salon is the name in the style of "Romance", Your girl or Love; The presence of bothersome and flirtatious girls wearing outfits.


Tourists who come to this glorious resort will be able to feel on themselves what it's like to completely relax and turn off consciousness from extraneous thoughts and everyday problems, giving unlimited access to your body to Thai masters, professionals in the field of acupressure and general massage.

In Pattaya as well as in most resorts, the main types of massage are provided in Thailand, but special attention should be given to such species as: Body massage Body massage in Pattaya is performed by a girl, who liked the tourist and chosen by him in the salon. Initially, the masseuse uses the techniques of classical therapeutic massage, which are aimed at relaxing the muscles, then applies soap foam to the client's skin and continues to massage his body. This procedure is considered an exotic pleasure and costs a well-off tourist in an impressive amount - at least 1500 baht.

Blind massage

Tactile sensations are highly developed in people who are blind from birth, who have graduated special courses and under the guidance of qualified doctors have learned to perform massage movements at a professional level. Blind people are better able to feel any object, including the human body, than experienced masters who do not have visual analyzer disturbances. The effect of the procedures is powerful and persists for a long time.

If you want, you can watch a video that shows the sessions of relaxing procedures, which are performed with the participation of blind masseurs. To determine whether a particular establishment is a salon where blind doctors work, it is enough to pay attention to its sign, installed at the entrance.

If the door is written Thai massage by blind man, it indicates the working blind masseuses in this salon. During the session, you will be given no pajamas and a large terry towel. The most popular in Pattaya is a massage parlor, called Massage by blind people and located near the supermarket Tesco Lotus. It is located in the northern part of Pattaya.

If you go from the center on Second Road - after the ring with the dolphins you need to turn to the next jay to the left - Na Kluea 22. Opposite the Green park hotel. On the next street Nu Kluea 20 on the left side, if you go to the sea, in front of the Royal Orchid Resort hotel there is also a massage for the blind. It turns out - this is one institution, only the entrance from different streets.

Another TBMI institute is located at: JOMTIEN COMPLEX 413/89 Thappraya Road, Moo 12 Acceptable rates for medical procedures will please travelers who want to save money and get the highest quality services. Approximate cost from 180 baht, working time - from 08:00 to 22:00