Lanta Island - is a picturesque archipelago of two islands, Ko Lanta Yai and Ko Lanta Noi - 6 km wide and over 30 km long is located approximately 70 km from the border of the province of Krabi and Trang. The island of Lanta Yai is densely built up with hotels, entertainment centers.  Lanta Noah is uninhabited and is not popular with tourists. 

If it is a question of rest on the island of Ko Lanta, then there is a view of the rest on Lanta Yai - this is a young resort that began to receive tourists only about 3 years ago.  During this time, the uninhabited island has turned into an attractive, from the point of view of tourism, resort.


The island of Lanta is one of the most popular destinations, and it will not be difficult to get to it.  But it should be borne in mind that on this island there is not a single airport, and the nearest one is next to Krabi Town.  It is located at a distance of 60 km.

From Bangkok.  Flight from Bangkok to Krabi will cost 2000 baht.  You can take a bus from Krabi airport to Ko Lanta.  You can know to departure time at the airport.  The ticket price is 500 baht.  Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Krabi Airport to Ko Lanta. 

The cost of the trip is about 2000 baht.  If you want to save money, you can go by bus from Bangkok airport to Krabi Town. The trip will cost 500 baht and will take about 12 hours.  These buses run mostly at night.  You can know to departure time on the spot - at the airport of Bangkok.  Upon arrival in Krabi at the local terminal, you can immediately transfer to the bus to Lanta.  The route from Bangkok to the island takes about 16-18 hours.

From Phuket.  From the international airport of Phuket can be reached by transfer to the hotel on the island.  It is also possible to get from Phuket by bus, which departs from the new bus terminal in Phuket.  The cost of a trip on a minivan from Phuket to Lanta will cost 220 baht.  The journey time is 4.5 hours. 

The longest stop at the bus terminal in Krabi is 30 minutes. From the pier that is located in Phuket Town, ships depart several times a day to Lanta.  The ticket price is 1000 baht.  The trip will take from 3 to 4 hours.  Most of the travel agencies offer to get to the island by transfer by sea.  However, it is quite expensive: from 1500 to 1800 baht (depending on the distance). If it turns out that there is no way to get to Lanta by sea, you can reach it by land. 

From Phuket on the route number 4 you can get to the island, bypassing Ao-Nang and Krabi Town.  Track number 4 passes through a small town called Klong Thom.  Also near to Klong Tom lies less popular route 4206. It leads to the village of Ban Ra Pu.  From it, then you can reach Lanta, both by land and by sea with the help of ferries, which ply often enough.

From the island of Ko Lipe.  From Ko Lipe to Lanta you can get on a speedboat that walks once a day.  The trip takes only three hours, and its cost is 1800 baht.  Departure time can be found at the local ferry station, as it can be changed.  In this direction, a major carrier Tigerline.  Lanta is visited by quite comfortable ships.

From Krabi Town.  From the local pier several times a day depart ships, following the direction of Krabi - Jum - Ko Lanta Island.  The trip will cost 400 baht.  Also from Krabi to Lanta there are minibuses, but the trip to them will cost exactly the same as on the ship. It takes the same amount of time, but on the ship you can see all the beauty of the local nature.

Ferry service.  Almost with all the major cities of Thailand, the island of Lanta is connected by ferry service.  So, you can get to Lanta by ferry from Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket, Ao Nang.  Ferries depart from the central piers twice a day - in the morning and in the afternoon.  Sometimes such transport goes once a day (time needs to be specified on the pier). 

You can buy tickets at the place of departure, in a travel agency or hotel.  The journey takes from one and a half to four and a half hours.  The cost of travel is from 350 to 650 baht (everything will depend on the distance).


From the transport in Lanta are represented a taxi, as well as tuk-tuki, which serve as a taxi.  Many tourists travel around the island on motobikes.  It will cost you only 200 baht per day.  As for taxis, there are not so many in the city.

Most of them are not cars, but motorcycles with strollers, which can accommodate 2-3 people.  Usually per kilometer the driver will ask you about 20-30 baht.  But if you want to go to a neighboring island, then you have to pay more expensive.  On the island there are only two gas stations, gasoline costs from 35 to 45 baht.  Both are on the road to Klong Dao.

Rent a car on the island

The car for 1 day costs from 1000 baht for a small car with a tommy gun.  Motobike from 150 baht per day, per month from 3000 baht. A bicycle from 50 baht a day, from 1000 baht a month.


The island has a huge selection of hotels for every taste and purse: inexpensive bungalows from 250 baht per day, comfortable luxury hotels from 7000 baht per day.  The average price for a room with air conditioning is 800 baht, but there are also offers for 500. With a fan for 400-600 baht.  The local high-end hotels have swimming pools and fitness facilities.  For a fee, you can visit the massage parlor or yoga classes.

Families with children will especially appreciate the hotels of the island of Lanta, as here special attention is paid to children's rest.  Parents can leave their child in the play center or children's room at the hotel.  In local restaurants there is a special menu for children, in hotels you can use the babysitting service. 

Regardless of how many stars the hotel has, it is always a cottage or bungalow.  Local law prohibits the erection of high-rise buildings.  Two-storey guest houses can be found only in the port village of Saladan.


Ko Lanta can make a worthy competition to the southern beaches of Thailand.  There are a lot of beaches with shell sand here, most of them still remain wild.  The most popular places of rest are: Kanteng.  This beach is only 1 km in length and is considered the most beautiful on the island. Klong-Tao.  It reaches a length of 3 km and is ideal for those who want to retire without going far from civilization.  It is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. 

White sand, azure water, exotic plants - all this attracts tourists from year to year. Long Beach.  The beach with a length of 3.5 km will appeal to tourists with various financial opportunities.  This is one of the most beautiful and well-equipped beaches on the island.  It differs in its picturesque nature and snow-white sand.

Klong Nin.

It is distinguished by shady palms that grow on its entire length.  There are both comfortable high-priced hotels and budget bungalows.  On the territory of Klong Nin pine trees, coconut palms and other exotic plants grow in orderly rows. The atmosphere is quite lively here, as most of the tourists from local hotels and apartments spend their time here. 

The water is quickly warming up here.  There are almost no strong waves. Klong Kong is very fond of divers, since there are no strong waves on this beach.  Here are the most budget hotels.  Very close to this place you can admire the beautiful coral reefs.  Klong Kong is considered one of the best places in Thailand for swimming with a mask.


There are many places in addition to the beaches, without visiting which the acquaintance with the island will not be complete.  So, the village of Saladan (Saladan Town) is the place where all ships arriving to the island of Lanta arrive.  This is a small village, built on stilts near the water.

There is everything: travel agencies, restaurants, seafood, pharmacies, the market of handicrafts.  Mae Kaeo caves are mysterious dungeons and a lake under the earth.  However, to travel through the dungeons will require escort guide.  Fortunately, this service is quite inexpensive (the cost is to be specified).


As for entertainment on the picturesque Ko Lanta Island, tourists here definitely have something to do.  Divers have long been chosen this island of Lanta. The nearby islands are considered ideal diving sites. For example, a group of islands located near Koh Lanta called Ko Rock is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. 

The coastal waters here are incredibly clean and transparent.  But near the islands of Phi Phi, you can visit underwater caves.  (Related article: Diving in Thailand.) Hin-Daeng (translated as "Red Rock") and Hin-Muang (purple rock) - these are some of the most popular places for divers. There are 108 species of exotic fish and more than 200 varieties of corals.

Snorkeling is best done next to the small islands of Koh Hoa, Ko Rock, Ko Bida.  You can get to them by boat from a local pier near the village of Saladan.  You can go fishing.  Local fishermen regularly catch tuna, marlin, perch, sailfish here.  Practically in every agency you are ready to offer, both day and night fishing on the boat.  There are many restaurants on Ko Lanta where you can taste local seafood.

The main market Ko Lanta is smashed in different parts of the island on different days.  Here you can buy cheap clothes and souvenirs, food.  Also on the island are regular Sunday markets.  They are located in the old part of the island and are open from 8 to 11 am.  By the way, ATMs are available on every major beach of Ko Lanta.

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