The island of Chiang receives numerous positive reviews from the people who have visited it. The Klong Prao beach deserves special attention.


Features of the Klong Prao beach

What can you do?

What to look at?

Shops, restaurants and cafe


How to reach?

It is the most extensive on the island and at least one of the most popular both among the budgetary backpackers, and at those vacationers who come on package tours here.

KLONG PRAO — THE MOST EXPANDED BEACH TO CHIANG 1Features of the Klong Prao beach

The coastline in this place of the island is cut up by 2 rivers therefore Klong Prao is not the continuous beach as it usually happens, and consisting of several sectors. In total their three, and as the coast extends from the North to the south, they can be divided on northern, central and southern.

There is no civilized transition from a northern part to central. River width in this place – about 60 meters. Naturally, it can be crossed, but it only if you absolutely with light baggage. After an outflow the river is forded, but all the same it isn’t really convenient since water reaches a breast even then. Between the central and southern parts which are also divided by water there is a pedestrian bridge.

The northern part of the beach is almost deserted though there are couple of hotels. Central – it is most developed in the tourist plan: here the set of hotel complexes, are shops, places in which it is possible to have a bite, and even the branch of the bank. In the southern part a sand edge absolutely small, and coconut palms approach directly water.

Feature of the Klong Prao beach is its remoteness from the road and, respectively, from places, important for any vacationer (shops and other). Distance between the road and the beach – about a kilometer. All this area is covered with coconut grove with trampled people and rutted paths. So the way isn’t difficult, and in case of pedestrian overcoming – is even useful. The important detail – a northern part of the beach is closer to the route, than central and southern.


In general the Klong Prao beach is ideal for family rest with children. There is it is rather quiet, uncrowded. The sea at the coast small so that to swim for a while the adult will need to pass meters 100. – it is very convenient for children: sand, isn’t present dangerous stones, corals and any sea inhabitants, water warm, waves are absent. The only minus is in March-April happens many jellyfishes, but it isn’t something unique for Chiang.

If to speak about such main entertainment as beach rest, then it is necessary to pay attention to inflows / отливы the seas. During the day the sea is close — it is such a shore that Klong Prao appears on numerous photographs: an amazingly beautiful edge of sand of ivory with palm trees here and there.

However in the late afternoon, after four-five hours, the sea «crawls away» on one hundred meters, baring absolutely unattractive bottom. But also it is possible to find the plus in it: there is an option to gather crabs, shells and other artifacts of a seabed.

There aren’t a lot of options for entertainment on the beach and all of them are rather standard:

swimming and solar bathtubs;

walks on the coast having extent more than 3 km;

driving on kayaks – as an alternative to passive beach rest.

Klong Prao’s advantage is the possibility of a privacy: in a northern and central part it is possible to be the only people in a visibility range.

From additional possible classes are available to vacationers:

massage services;

shooting gallery;

visit of elephant villages, driving on elephants;

training in diving at school and practice of immersions on depth.

On the district road there are travel companies in which it is possible to get sightseeing tours on the island.

What to look at?

In the evenings in the southern part of the beach is what to look at: fiery shows, live music, representations. But by the night active life fades that, besides, characterizes the beach as the place suitable for family rest with children.

In a northern part of the beach it is possible to go to survey of the Klong Plu waterfalls. It is better to do it from May to November when it the fullest and majestic.

On the beach there is an opportunity and the small cultural and ethnographic program. You should definitely visit the pretty outside and the inside temple of Wat Klong Prao.


As it has been noted above, all infrastructure necessary for the tourist is on removal from the beach – along district Chiang Road. There are no large shopping centers here, but there is Tesco Express and a little 7/11 in which it is possible to buy all necessary. On the main road (around the southern part of the beach) there is also larger Sing Thong supermarket in which the European products and also household goods are on sale.

Across the road from Tesco Express the big shop of nonfoods Red is located. Here it is possible to buy clothes, ware and even to hobnails.

Near the beach there is a market – near the Sing Thong supermarket, opposite to the temple of Wat Klong Prao. In the same area Crust Bacery bakery with always fresh bread and other pastries is located.

In the southern part of the beach consults to visit gift shop and at the same time coffee house of Eco Gecko.

Places of public catering are presented by numerous small restaurants and cafe. Seafood dishes make the main part of the menu. Among places in which it is possible to eat tasty it is worth call: Jae Eiw Seafood, Iyara, Phu Talay, Kati Culinary, Yummy Hut, Country Restaurant, JuJu, Baan Captain.


On the coastline of Klong Prao more than ten hotel complexes are located. Placement is offered in separate lodges or as still calls them, the bungalow scattered in a shadow of palm trees or directly ashore.

There are both 3-4-star hotels, and very budgetary with the general conveniences located on the street.

Among the first we can list:

The Dewa;

Sofia Garden;

Klong Prao;


Barali Beach;

Centara Koh Chang Tropicana.

Budget guesthouses with wooden houses on stilts:

Tiger Hut;

K.P. Huts.

Accommodation in the last will cost from $ 5 to $ 30 per day.

How to reach?

Klong Prao is a famous central beach located on the western coast of Chiang Island. The road from the pier on the tuk-tuk, which await the mooring on the pier, will take no more than 30 minutes.

The standard fare to the main road running parallel to the beach is 70 baht. But with the driver you can always agree that he drove directly to the hotel, for an extra fee.

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