Having been tired of city bustle and noise, people reach for the wild nature, an untouched civilization. The island covered with magnificent greens Ko Adang in the south of Thailand – the ideal place for those who want to have a rest and relax in the quiet place.

Content: Location and Nature Ko Adang Tourist infrastructure of the island How to get to and stay on the island What is interesting about Ko Adang Beaches Observation deck and waterfalls Diving and snorkeling Walks on the primitive jungle, lonely beaches with white and black sand, diving or snorkeling among the luxurious corals for a long time energize you. The neighbourhood of monkeys, iguanas and herons, sea walks on kayaks will allow to feel similarity to Robinzon.

Location and Nature Ko Adang

Location and Nature Ko Adang Ko Adang enters into the western group of big islands of the archipelago of the same name located in the Andaman Sea. Its area is about 32 sq.km, the highest point of the island is located almost at 700-meter height. There is he in the province Phang Nga in the territory of the national Tarutao sea park.

To get on Ko Adang, it is necessary to buy the ticket. He costs the 200th baht for adults and 100 for children, is valid 7 days. From a distance the island is similar to the green mountain which grew with tropical vegetation. Here much huge ficuses and sprawling palm trees meet. Along an edge of the sea the clean sandy beaches of the different sizes and availability protected with stone boulders are scattered.

From the hot sun, tourists are rescued by lush tree crowns. In the thickets of the island are hidden forest lakes and waterfalls with cool water. Belonging to the natural reserve Tarutao Marine Park protects Ko Adang in Thailand from destructive influence of a civilization. Unlike other islands, he has kept purity of water and the coast. The transparent greenish sea abounds with the live and hardened corals. The island is rich with wild fauna.

On it walk iguanas, lizards, run gecko lizards, fly colorful butterflies of incredible size and herons. You can meet often monkeys, flying squirrels, toucans, it is a lot of crayfish hermits. Early in the morning it is possible to see how eagles catch fish. Those who seek to take cover from public eyes will easily find absolutely solitudes. The island Ko Adang is the excellent choice for the newlyweds who have decided to carry out a honeymoon in Thailand.

Tourist infrastructure of the island

Tourist infrastructure of the island For an opportunity to live on a bosom of the primitive nature it is necessary to be reconciled with lack of habitual service. There are no asphalt roads, ATMs, massage salons, there are no night entertainments, there isn't always an electricity.

To fans of the increased comfort, a culinary delicacy and various conveniences Ko Adang will seem far from perfect. But at most of visitors other purpose. They seek to enjoy beauty of the island, its silence and rest, get a dose of Robinsonade, lead a leisurely, relaxed life. It is the best of all to treat temporary difficulties in Thai – patiently, with an invariable smile.

To services of vacationers small restaurant of Horapa & Adangresort with inexpensive and tasty Thai food. Fried rice, French fries, noodles or green a curry with chicken cost to 90th baht. Fried eggs, as well as a cup of coffee, will cost the 30th baht. The restaurant is open all day long. Vegetarian dishes almost don't happen, alcohol except for beer and a cigarette isn't sold. It is important to know! Hunting, breeding bonfires and fishing in the reserve is prohibited. Corals are under strict protection of rangers.

How to get to and stay on the island

How to get to and stay on the island The road to Ko Adang from Moscow will borrow about one days. The way to the purpose looks so: the plane of the Air Asia company will deliver to Bangkok; further flight in the Hat Yai airport where it is possible to reach also by bus follows; then transfer by minibus to the bus station Hat Yai, from here the mini-bass will take you to Pak Bara; penultimate part of a way – a trip on a spidbota to the island Koh Lipe.

You are delivered at Ko Adang, boats from the parking lot at Sunrise Beach. Transfer cost from Koh Lipe the 50th baht from the person, moving will take only 10 minutes. It is possible to visit the island, having registered in a group excursion or snorkeling tour. The ticket costs from 500 to 600 baht. Guests are placed most often in three-star hotel Adang Resort in the southern part of the island or cozy bungalows on 2‒3 persons.

Fans of ecotourism live in tents on the sea coast. For campings public toilets and shower are provided. The hotel is located near the beach, equipped with the small outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, free Wi-Fi and exchange office. Is included a breakfast in the price of accommodation. It is possible to book studio or the double room overlooking the sea. In numbers there is a bathtub or a shower, the TV, the conditioner.

Hot water and the refrigerator are absent. Those wishing to take a sea voyage will be provided with free kayaks. It is possible to communicate with personnel in English. Accommodation at a bungalow costs the 600th baht a day. Light, spacious lodges are equipped with bathrooms, a shower, fans. Rent of a tent will manage from 200 to 350 baht in a day, is included bed linen, pillows, mattresses, blankets in the price.

The price of 30 baht with the person is allowed to live in own tent. Previously it is possible to reserve housing on the website of national parks of Thailand – The Department of National Parks.

What is interesting about Ko Adang

What is interesting about Ko Adang The island is famous for its excellent sandy beaches, beautiful views from observation platforms, natural waterfalls. Everyone admires without exception super-snorkeling , lovers can dive. The necessary information is obtained at the information center. Beaches Some beaches Ko Adang are considered as the best in Thailand. One of them Laem Son Beach with a long tongue of sand is near the station of rangers, opposite to the island to Koh Lipe.

The spacious coast is covered with white clean sand. In a northern part of the island there is a beach with black sand. It is possible to reach him on the coast, having taken sunblock cream and water. Many are attracted by the beach of the oyster bay hidden by boulders. Under water to a surface of stones the set of sinks with tasty mollusks fastens.

Observation deck and waterfalls

Observation deck and waterfalls Fans of active recreation prefer campaigns deep into of the island. Rise on top of the hill of Sha-do 150 m high will take about an hour. The route originates near base of rangers. The tracking track conducts through the wood and thickets of a bamboo. On the road 3 observation decks meet.

With everyone beautiful types open, but the most impressive picture waits on the top. It is a magnificent panorama to the Lipe and other islands, a white tongue of sand, colourful sea landscapes. It is better to go to an independent way since morning, before a heat. It is necessary to take water and spray from insects. On the island Ko Adang two falls are known: Rattana and Pirate’s Falls.

The Pirate Falls enjoys great popularity among tourists, it is accessible for hiking trips. On a legend, pirates stocked up in him with fresh water. Travelers should pass 2 km across the jungle, climbing up up stony to a track. The most persistent of them are expected by a deserved reward – bathing in fresh cool water of natural falls. Reach Rattana by the boat.

Diving and snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling Ko Adang in Thailand does not pretend to be a first-class dive site. There are no artificial structures. But you can admire the wonderful colors of the underwater kingdom - sea anemones, hundreds of species of fish and a carpet of living corals. Two places for diving are popular. Nursery Bay is quieter, gently sloping, with a maximum depth of 15 m.

Here you can see stingrays, moray eels, barracudas and other reef fish. Care must be taken not to wound yourself about firm corals. Hin Yai (Big Rocks) are big rocks with a height of 5 to 30 m. There is a strong current, the dive is quite fast, this place is more suitable for experienced divers. There are clownfish, spinorogi, imperial angels and sharks.

The Horapa & Adangresort restaurant also provides snorkelling equipment for rent. The daily rent of the mask and tube is 50 baht, fins are 70 baht. You are allowed to use your own equipment. Everyone who visited Ko Adang shares enthusiastic reviews about the nature of the semi-wild island and the received relaxation