Phi Phi Islands is an archipelago of six islands, near the mainland of Thailand. The islands consist of 2 main islands: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, as well as 4 small islands: bamboo island, Ko-Yun, Bida Nok and Bida Nye. They have the status of a national park since 1983. It is territorially located in the south of the province of Krabi in 42 km and 48 km southeast of Phuket. Phi Phi Don has a fairly developed tourist infrastructure. Phi Phi Lei, an uninhabited island is a popular tourist attraction, from the number of Maya Bay, it was here that the film "Beach" was shot, with Leonardo di Caprio. Two more gulfs, Pileh Bay and Loh Samah Bay. Bamboo is very popular island. Of the remaining islands  (bamboo island), here is a wonderful beach, considered one of the best on the archipelago. The disadvantage is one - many tourists. If it is a question of rest on the islands of Phi Phi, basically Phi Phi Don is implied, the nearby islands are mostly visited as excursions. In general, the resort is considered for 1-2 days visiting. The cost of the tour depends on the program from 3000 Baht to adults, children from 1900 baht. Let's be frank in the central part of the island, too many people, garbage and a lot of stalls. We recommend you to go by yourself, stay for a couple of days, only with an independent examination you can get positive impressions and appreciate these islands.


You will get easier from the airports of Phuket or Krabi. There is no airport to Phi Phi. The transit point in both cases can become Ao Nang, at 9 am from the central beach a ferry goes to the island of Phi Phi Don. Tickets can be purchased at travel agencies near the beach, the ticket price is from 400 baht. The journey time is 1.5 hours. From the pier of the seedlings of the island of Phuket, ferries are sent three times a day. Time in the sea - 2 hours, the first ferry from Phuket leaves at 8.30 in the morning. The trip will cost one tourist at 600 baht. It is logical to buy a ticket at once to two ends - you will spend on the road "there and back" 1000 baht. Another saving article: if you buy a ticket at a travel agency, it will include a free transfer from the hotel. Otherwise, you have to fork out more and a taxi to the pier - about 500 baht. There is no public transport to Phi Phi Don. Only sometimes you can find motorcycles with strollers, which serve as carriers of goods and building materials. There is rental of motorcycles and bicycles, but it is not advisable to rent, because of the mountainous terrain. Mostly they move by foot and by boat. Long-tailed boats with sails run between all the beaches. The cost depends on the distance. There is a great chance to negotiate with the owner of the boat about the morning delivery of you to the beach, and the return after sunset. For example, from Tonsai to Long Beach, you have to pay in the afternoon 40 baht per person, in the evening 80 baht. There are many footpaths along which you get to any beach on the island.


When you will arriving on the islands, forget about the busy life of the holidaymaker and the amusements that are generously provided to tourists in Phuket or other resorts in Thailand. This is a more relaxing holiday with a visit to the National Marine Reserve, where you can visit the cave wagons and long sandy beaches. You need to requires a one-time fee of 20 baht to visit to the marine reserve. The popular cave is "Vikings". No one knows for certain why the mysterious cave has the name of the Vikings, but every sightseer seeks to see it, bypassing the islands by sea. In the cave itself, on the island of Phi Phi Lei, the entrance to tourists is prohibited. An exception can be a visit to the tourist village of Tonsai Village. You can still get noisy fun in open-air bars that work "until the last visitor", despite the "royal" restrictions - two in the morning here. Some bars are worth mentioning separately, such as Carlitos Bar is famous for its fire shows and pleasant music, Reggae Bar is a fast entertainment complex, a popular place for Muay Thai fights, more of course staged battles, but very exciting. Ibiza Bar. One of the best dance bars. There are a lot of people here, the main Americans come here to have fun. Nights pass to the rhythms of music and alcohol, which here is sold in the literal sense of the word "buckets". You can arrange shopping. Of course, on the islands you will not find brand shops or supermarkets, and not for that went. Traditional Thai souvenirs themselves for memory and friends - elephants, T-shirts, Thai silk clothes, straw hats, bags, beautiful scarves and ornaments - you will get in smaller local shops cheaper than in other resorts in Thailand. At the resorts of Phi Phi at every step you will see the rental of masks, fins, scuba divers - there are many beautiful places worthy not only diving with a mask, but also scuba diving. For lovers of scuba diving are ideal two rocky islands of Bida Nai and Bida Nok, famous for their coral necklace and marine life. If you want to go fishing near the islands of Phi Phi. More than one and a half dozen fish species live in sea waters. The best time for sea fishing is August month. Be sure to climb up to the observation deck, the height of 186 meters above sea level (the steep slope, in advance, provide sports shoes). You will be pleasantly surprised having reached the peak,  - there are not many people, the view of the island is really magnificent.


The best beaches for tourists are: Beach Bay Maya Bay, where the shooting of the movie "Beach" with Leonardo di Caprio. Thanks to the film, the municipality of the island of Phi Phi managed to attract a lot of tourists here, mostly of course the crowds of Chinese who occupy virtually the entire territory, sometimes even do not have the opportunity to take a photo. Today, Bay of Maya and the beach are considered one of the most beautiful on the island of Phi Phi Le. Tonsai Bay, the central beach, is attractive with a lot of cafes and discos, a pier, coconut palms. At night here you can see a show with burning torches, equal in time and performance to no other resorts in Thailand. Long Beach beckons vacationers with snow-white sand and the possibility of a secluded holiday. In the area of ​​the beach you can rent a good house, there are several cafes with good local cuisine, massage parlors. The active life of the holiday-makers fades with the sunset. Lu Mu Di - the most peaceful and secluded beach in Phi Phi, with very good quality. The only drawback, it's enough removed and it's not so easy to get at. On the islands of Phi Phi are organized one-day excursions from Phuket without accommodation. If you like to spend the entire holiday in seclusion, on the inhabited island you will find dozens of hotels, guest houses or bungalows. The prices are 10 to 20 percent higher than the average for Thailand here. The price for accommodation at the hotel on the first coast line of the island of Phi Phi Don starts from 2000 baht per night for a double room. For 800 baht you can rent a cozy room in the guest house. The same amount you will be asked for living in a modest bungalow. Relatively cheap housing is a room without amenities or a hut in a local village. In the remote area of ​​the beach, the bunk for the night will cost 300 baht. If you want to save a better life in the low season, and it is worth considering that prices vary significantly from season to season. Most importantly - you will relax in one of the most exotic places in Thailand with pristine nature, clear water, sparkling sand and wonderful sunsets!

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