It is impossible to tell what in this part of the Andaman Sea which is often called the gulf Phang Nga, Ko Yao Noi is the most interesting and visited island.


Nature of the island


What to be engaged in?

Where to live?

Movement on the island

How to reach?

However an opportunity to stop on it with placement in more than comfortable conditions, at the same time in the distance from a civilization (on the island even cars – a rarity), does it attractive to vacationers in the next resorts – Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga.

Nature of the islandNature of the island

Both the island, and the panoramic views opening from it are typical for this part of Thailand and are similar to what can be seen on the numerous islands which are and not entering a part of national park of Phang Nga (Phi-Phi, Panyee, Tapu, Hong, etc.).

There are tongues of sand shaking on the beauty with palm trees going far to the sea, karst rocks directing to the sky directly from water and rolling in a gray haze or fog. Low hanging clouds and the quiet sea smooth surface which is a little flickering from wind complete fantastic local landscapes.

Underwater life is colourful and various: as well as everywhere in the Andaman Sea there are excellent opportunities for diving here. In general Yao Noi is real tropical paradise and the ideal place for quiet rest.

On the island birds (the toucan is an island symbol), big and small reptiles (it is possible to meet large, but harmless monitor lizards) live, unique plants grow (for example, surprising wild orchids in the elegance).


The sand beaches suitable for bathing are located on east, tourist, parts of the island:


Klong Jark;


Haad Yao;


On all beaches there are several meters of an edge of sand (during inflow), the palm trees giving a shadow, and another from time to time the blossoming vegetation grow.

From this coast of the island the view of other islands of the gulf opens, and from the survey platform which is in the area of the Khao beach it is possible to see a silhouette of the coast of Krabi which is in 10 km from Yao Noi.

It is important to note such feature of beaches of the island as their shallow water. In a radius of 50-100 meters from the coast water – knee-deep. To swim for a while to the adult, it is necessary to walk a little. But for children here one expanse.

As the island is in the gulf, waves at the sea don’t happen that creates the idyllic atmosphere of tranquility, safety and comfort.

What to be engaged in?What to be engaged in?

Besides beach rest and walks on the island, on Yao Noi it is possible to diversify the pastime with the following:

Bike ride. On the island it is accepted to ride bikes which can be rented here.

Swimming on the kayak around the island, to other islands.

Diving in the purest transparent water in the company of thousands of fishes and corals.

Visit of the central or western part of the island to look how there lives the indigenous people of the island. Inhabitants borrow with agriculture therefore all island represents pastures for the cattle or the fields sowed by rice.

Rock-climbing. For practicing this extreme sport of the rocks Yao Noi represent quite good option of a training and useful pastime.

Besides, it is convenient to use the island as base for travel to other sights of the gulf Phang Nga which in one day can’t be examined.

Where to live?Where to live?

On the island of Yao it is possible to arrive to a one-day excursion or to stop for several days. Local hotels offer quite good options for placement in the form of separate lodges.

At once it should be noted that here not to find absolutely budgetary housing for $10. The cheapest options during a rainy season start from $20. During a dry season the small lodge in the wood on the mountain can be removed for $30, is closer to the sea – more expensively.

There are placement options which it is possible to carry to Asian luxery: the 2-3-roomed country house with a spacious verandah and the pool which is buried in verdure and hidden from others eyes can cost $300 a day.

Movement on the island

As it has been noted above, on the island enjoy popularity movement by bicycles. Also here it is possible to rent a bike. Functions of public transport on the island are performed by tuk-tuk and colngeo.

As one of non-standard ways of movement between beaches it is possible to consider the kayak: distances here small and if it isn’t required to get to the central part of the island, then the water option will be optimum in many cases.

How to reach?How to reach?

From Phuket boats run during the day from 7.30 to 17.30 hourly (departure from the pier Bang Rong). Time in way – about 1 hour. The high-speed boats overcoming distance in 30 minutes also work at a route.

It is possible to reach to Yao Noi. The direction is very demanded.

Approximately the same to swim from Krabi. Boats depart from the Tha Len pier, located in the village of Ao Luek.

The coast Phang Nga is most removed from the island. The road will take not less than 1 hour and 20 minutes. Boats start with a pier Ta Dan.

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