Chiang Mai is the international airport, one of the biggest airports of Thailand, the main center of an air bond with the southern China, Malaysia, Laos, Taiwan and others. Serves military flights and commercial air transportation. Contents: Infrastructure How to reach the airport Airport services At the moment, the range of airport services includes seven international airlines and six - domestic (this is more than 15 000 flights and 2.2 million people annually). 51 airlines of the world make flights to this airport. Seldom, in Chiang Mai's schedule charters appear. Commercial transportations are served by not less known airport — Chiang Rai, from Chiang Mai at distance in 155 km. Chiang Mai works from 5 o'clock in the morning till midnight (according to midnight till 05:00 he is closed for reception of planes). The schedule of the airport is developed according to local time. InfrastructureInfrastructure Location height: 316 meters above sea level. Operation of one runway. Strip size: 3100х45 meters. Covering: asphalt. Available one passenger terminal (for flights internal and international). Chiang Rai – also has available only one terminal for passengers. There are 16 places parking for planes. busHow to reach the airport Distance to the downtown Chiang Mai makes 2 kilometers. It can be overcome in only 15 minutes by the taxi. The taxi price is the 160th baht ($5). Directly to the airport it is possible to order a limousine. Service by request of limousines is on the first floor opposite to the international and internal arrival hall. Contacts: + (66 53) 92-21-72, Address: Chiang Mai International Airport, 60 Sanambin Road, Suthep Distrct Amphoe Muang, Chaing Mai Province 50200, Thailand The airport is serviced also by special passenger automobiles, the most convenient (and the least expensive) — songteo red color (the passenger pickup) which can be easily caught everywhere around the city, the price of 15-20 baht. Main advantage: an opportunity to move at low price. Use of tuk-tuk — the motorized three wheeled vehicles is possible. Shortcoming: impossibility of movement with baggage, the price 50-60 baht. The price of a trip to the taxi, practically in any point of the city 90-100 baht. Airport servicesAirport services SERVICES WHICH ARE PROVIDED TO CHIANG MAI There are different services designed to make stay of passengers here optimum comfortable on two floors of the airport.  There are left-luggage offices on the first floor, drugstores, travel agencies and offices (desktops). On the second floor is emergency medical service. The first-aid post works from 08:00 till 23:00; There are small bookstores on both floors . Also here it is possible to find food booths, small cafes, restaurant, sports bar and snackbars. The Chiang Rai airport provides just the same services. WHERE TO LEAVE THE CAR In the territory of the airport the parking of 12 884 m ² works. Capacity: 447 places for vehicles. he parking price (same and in Chiang Rai): The first 8 minutes — it is free; Up to 30 minutes — the 10th baht ($0.30); 31 m- 1.30 h — the 20th baht ($0.60); 1.31 h -2.30 h — the 30th baht (0, $85); 2.31 h - 3.30 h — the 40th baht ($1.15); 3.31 - 6 h h — the 100th baht ($2.85); 6.01- 24 h h — the 200th baht ($5.70). Free services: Wi-Fi — Free of charge works 2 hours in a day (the same system at the Chiang Rai airport). To physically disabled people Chiang Mai suggests to use special means: parking, elevator, toilet, public phone. REGISTRATION OF PASSENGERS OF THE AIRPORT In 2 hours prior to sending the plane begins registration for flight. In 40 minutes prior to a departure it comes to an end. Registration for flight can be carried out only in the presence of the ticket for this plane and passports. Electronic tickets gather the increasing popularity recently. The passenger with such ticket for registration needs only the passport. Please note: Passengers with animals have to inform Management. You will be given a consultation and familiarized with the established rules.