Thailand has become a tourist mecca, which attracts millions of travelers. Rich culture, tropical climate, picturesque nature, luxurious, white beaches, clean and warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the Adaman Sea, bright holidays and shows ... A real paradise where you can have fun and excellent, at the same time inexpensive to relax.

Content: Do you need to apply for an insurance policy in Thailand? Approximate prices in clinics How much does medical insurance cost in Thailand? Insurance for Thailand: which is better, what to choose? But in preparation it is important to take into account many factors, one of which is medical insurance. Should it be formalized and what dangers lie in a distant tropical country?


DO YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR AN INSURANCE POLICY IN THAILAND? Officially, medical insurance in Thailand for Russians is not required, like a visa. But it is important to remember, you are going to Southeast Asia. Despite the urbanization, there are still a lot of dangers here.

Here is a humid, very warm tropical climate, where insects swarms comfortably, all kinds of snakes, spiders, infectious diseases. The most dangerous is Dengue fever. Often there are stray dogs, wild monkeys, their bite threatens with rabies.

A new climate, a different time zone, high humidity in tandem with heat can provoke problems with the cardiovascular system even in healthy people. There is an invisible enemy. Our body since childhood produces antibodies to infections and viruses. But in Thailand, on the other end of the planet are completely different bacteria, to them a person from Russia or Europe has no immunity.

A small food poisoning threatens fever with a body temperature of up to + 40 °, which will put the tourist in bed for 5-7 days. But do not rush to dismantle the suitcases. One "magic" prick with a special serum allows you to cure most diseases in 30-40 minutes. But it is paid, not free of charge and analysis of the definition of the strain that caused malaise. Medicine in Tae is indecently expensive, especially for foreigners.

Approximate prices in clinics

Approximate prices in clinics Here are the approximate prices in not the most expensive clinics:

  • call the doctor - 90 euros;
  • Reception at the therapist - 10 euros;
  • reception from a traumatologist - from 10 to 70 euros;
  • examination at the dentist, without treatment - 12 euros;
  • all kinds of tests - 500-700 euros.

In elite medical institutions, prices can be safely multiplied by two. Departing for the first time (practice shows that very few people carry the first vacation in the tropics quite without excesses), it is better to issue a visa with a full cover of at least 35,000 euros and not to agree to a franchise. Insurance for children in Thailand should, in our opinion, cover expenses of at least 70 000 euros. In addition, to arrange insurance in Thailand is:

  • own calm, that in case of which you will receive adequate help without fabulous spending;
  • confidence that doctors will not prescribe unnecessary procedures;
  • in an emergency situation, fast and free transportation by helicopter or other transport to the clinic;
  • insurance of liability to third parties (optional).

How much does medical insurance cost in Thailand?

How much does medical insurance cost in Thailand? HOW MUCH IS THIS MEDICAL INSURANCE IN THAILAND? On average, the basic option is about 2 euros a day with an insurance coverage of 35,000 euros. If you plan to engage in active recreation, move on a scooter, bike - the cost of insurance is doubled.

Pay you attention! If the trip lasts more than 35 days, it is more profitable to purchase an annual policy than to arrange insurance for Thailand on specific dates. When are you choosing insurance, pay attention to such moments: List of insured events - it often does not include heat strokes, sunburn; The presence of a franchise (the minimum amount that you will have to pay out of your pocket) - although this is a good way to reduce the price of a policy by almost half, the first visit to Thailand is better to abandon it; If you intend to ride a bike, the option "active rest" or "sport" must be connected; Most tropical diseases (including Dengue fever), from which it is necessary to pre-nurse, are usually not included in the list of insured events; If the flight with a transfer, enter the country of transit in the list of coverage.

Pay you attention! Most companies refuse to pay insurance if alcohol is found in your blood. Insurance for Thailand: which is better, what to choose? When registering insurance in Thailand, pay attention not so much to the price and the insurer (it is only an intermediary), but to an asisens - a global company that will organize the treatment, your transportation, communication with doctors on the spot. Be careful!

If the insurance company does not have a local assistant, problems may arise. Most likely, it is necessary independently to be engaged in the organization of treatment and to pay it from a personal pocket. And then, at home, demand a refund. But where is the guarantee that you will not be denied because of a lack of some "very important piece of paper."

Among the most reliable assistants: Allianz Global Assistance (AGA), AP Companies, Europ Assistance, Balt Asistance. Although everyone has both advantages and disadvantages. A good insurance company with excellent service can not be easily chosen, as well as to understand complex forms.

Now there is turtle insurance - a place where offers from inspected insurers are collected. Also, insurance in Thailand can be bought on the spot, online. It is important to remember, it starts to operate from 6 days after registration. You can pick up and arrange insurance on our website. Simply enter the travel dates and destination country. In all the appeared versions you can count on the help of the local service assistant. You can pay for insurance immediately, by card or by electronic money.