Long ago I dreamed to visit Thailand and India, and there was a wish to go to a travel not to each country separately, and to choose such route that it was possible to visit two countries for once at once. In spite of the fact that such route is more difficult, it will be much more saturated and more interestingly.


How to get from Thailand to India

How to issue the visa to India, being in Thailand

Travel from Thailand to India on the car

I prepared for a trip all year and have thought over all details. At last, when it is time holidays, I could start on the journey. For a start I will tell some trifles of a travel to Thailand. Between this country and Russia it is signed a number of agreements under which, execution of the visa to trips for up to 30 days isn’t required. That is to arrive to Thailand it is enough to hold the international passport and the plane ticket.

As soon as you arrive to the city of Bangkok (or any other Thai city), in your international passport will put a special stamp in which date of arrival and date of departure will be specified. And for an additional fee you can always prolong the term of the stay in this country.

My travel from Russia to Thailand has begun at Sheremetyevo Airport, I have arrived to the airport in 3 hours prior to flight departure to make landing, without hurrying also with comfort. The ticket to Bangkok has cost me only 22000 rubles in one party.

During flight I should cross 3 time zones and to overcome more than 9000 kilometers. In total it was necessary to spend slightly more than 9 hours in air.

We have landed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, it is the main air hub in Bangkok. The first thing I remembered is how I got out of the Airport, I immediately felt this tart, moistened with moisture and the scents of the greenery in air. Now with this feeling I associate with Thailand.

I have reserved hotel in advance and on an arrival my bus already stood waiting for passengers. In spite of the fact that Thailand not the biggest state, will hardly be possible to visit all the most interesting even in 30 days. For this reason I have decided to visit the most known places. Unlike many tourists, I don’t disdain popular tourist routes, all at rather high level there. Therefore during the stay I have managed to raft on the river Kvai, to drive on elephants in mountains of northern Thailand, to participate in night fishing on the Andaman Sea. Generally, I was gained the mass of impressions and it is time to change a route and to go to India. How to reach from Thailand to India? – I have answered this question in advance. There are at least 3 options: by land, by sea and plane. Since I did not have time, I have chosen the fastest option and have used services of one of airlines.

How to get from Thailand to India

For a start I will tell about the experience, I have used services of airline Air India Limited. The cost of my ticket was about 16000 in a ruble equivalent. I have taken off from Suvarnabhumi (city of Bangkok) at 14:00, and have arrived in the «Indira Ganja» airport of the city of Delhi at 18:00, that is on flight only 4 hours have left.

Especially there is a wish to note options of execution of the visa as for visit of India the visa after all is necessary.

How to issue the visa to India, being in ThailandHow to issue the visa to India, being in Thailand

If you haven’t taken care of execution of the visa, being in Moscow (through embassy), then you can always apply for a visa in Thailand. It is possible to issue the visa to India through consulate of Republic of India in Bangkok, or in Chiang Mai. For a start it is necessary to specify some nuances. Since the beginning of 2012 the government of India has made the decision on an obligatory interview of the applicant for the visa with the consul, this resolution works only for several countries, among them and Russia.

Except the direct statement in English, you should give:

Your international passport.

International passport photocopy with the Thai visa.

Photocopy of the civil passport.

Two color photos of 5х5 cm.

The document confirming room reservation in any of hotels of India.

The constructed route of your future travel.

The return ticket and extract from your bank account (it is better that on it there was money).

These are the main documents, at the same time the price of the visa will leave about 2000 THB.

There is one more interesting detail, since 2014 any Russian had had an opportunity to make the visa online.

To issue the visa in such a way, it is better for you beforehand (in four days prior to the desirable date of receipt) to visit the website of TVOA (Tourist Visa on Arrival) and to fill out the special questionnaire. At her filling you will need to make loading of the personal photo and scan of the page with your personal data from your international passport.

The photo has to be kept in a certain format (JPEG) and weight him shouldn’t exceed 1 Megabyte, personal pages of the passport have to be kept in the PDF format up to 300 Kb. The questionnaire is filled out in English and sent, it gets an individual number, on him you will be able always to trace whether your visa to India is ready.

The visa fee for carrying out such operation makes about 60 dollars, at the same time you have to pay service not later than four days after you have filled out the questionnaire.

After the visa to India from Thailand is issued, you need to go to the airport for landing to flight.

Travel from Thailand to India on the carTravel from Thailand to India on the car

If you want to make a long trip, then you have an opportunity to reach from Thailand to India on the car. This travel has become possible thanks to construction of high-speed India-Myanmar-Thailand Route 3400 kilometers long.

For such travel it is necessary to prepare long, however, there will last emotions got from such travel for several years ahead. During the travel you serially visit such cities as: Bngkok, Mae Sot, Yangon, Lake Inle, Pagan, Calais, Morekh and Delhi. For a start you need to obtain the customs license to cross borders by car.

It will be necessary to issue a returnable deposit for 200% of car cost, otherwise the car you won’t be given. Myanmar to you not to pass without guide, this requirement of the Burmese legislation, consider it. Your car has to have the official status, and it is better to receive visas beforehand to each country which you visit.

With itself it is better to take more water and food, on a case of breakage of the car and the solution of other possible problems on the way. For the rest no problems should arise, be sure, such travel to you will precisely be remembered!

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