Southeast Asia attracts everything with improbable cultural property, picturesque landscapes, the tremendous nature and special, unique culture which anywhere any more to meet in the world. But gradually the countries, such as Thailand, turn into the continuous resort focused on the western tourist, losing unique color.


Ways how to get from Thailand to Burma

By air

On the ground

On the boat

Visa to Burma

Moving around the country

Some tourist tips

And if you wish to plunge into the authentic atmosphere, to see original, measured life of people where each inhabitant hasn’t managed to turn into the «actor» who is skillfully enticing money at foreigners, not to find the best place, than Myanmar, better known to inhabitants of the former Soviet Union as Burma.

The Republic of the Union Myanmar, which until 1998 was called the Socialist Republic of Burma Union or abbreviated Burma for a long time was under the rule of the military «State Council» and was closed to tourists.  In the middle of the 2000th cardinal changes have begun, as a result of reform of 2008 the new constitution proclaiming «the disciplined, thriving democracy» is adopted. The country became open for foreign tourists.

Initially it was possible to get to Burma only air transport, through the main air gate – the airport of Rangoon. Since 2013 full-fledged overland customs throughput posts on borders with Thailand, China and India have appeared.

With the advent of the first tourists of the beginning tourist infrastructure is under construction: there are hotels, cafes, ATMs and supermarkets, the sphere of small services and transportations develops.

Despite it, Burma still remains picturesque, with benevolent, very open people. But everything can change and if you want to plunge into the atmosphere and traditions existing throughout many centuries, hurry up to visit it a wonderful corner, a real «lost world», until the civilization had time to discredit him.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Post-Soviet countries yet. Not to reach also by flights with change in one of large hubs in Qatar, Dubai, Frankfurt or Istanbul. The fastest and inexpensive way to reach Burma from Thailand.

Ways how to get from Thailand to Burma By airWays how to get from Thailand to Burma

By air

Myanmar became a tidbit for airlines therefore annually the number of the made flights increases by 20-25%. It is the most convenient to reach by plane from Bangkok (for example, from the Suvarnabhumi Airport) the largest city and the former capital of Myanmar Yangon (Rangoon) – 6-7 flights daily go.

It is possible to buy tickets both on the place, and through one of booking services, for example an aviasale.

The average price is about $50-60, but on a sale it is possible to grasp tickets for $25, and sometimes even 20 usd are cheaper. To Mandalay tickets are slightly more expensive, and in day of everything one, sometimes two flights. Planes go one-two times a week to the present capital of Naypyidaw.

Pay attention! Planes from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur also daily fly to Myanmar, however the cost of the ticket is about 100 dollars. The cost of tickets from China is measured by several hundred usd.

On the groundOn the ground

If you have decided to go to Burma on the ground, then there is no starting point better, than Thailand. Now four border check-points work:

Mae Sai — Tachileik

The most northern boundary transition, in Thailand is the province Chiang Rai. It is possible to reach by personal vehicles or by bus if the road of 12 hours doesn’t confuse you. The ticket from Bangkok from the 600th baht (the prices can change). From Chiang Mai the ticket for the bus near the 200th baht, time on the way: five – six hours.

Pay attention! Due to the tense situation in the northern provinces of Myanmar from this point, it is more likely that it will not be possible to get inside the country by land, only by plane from the city of Kyaingtong, but tickets are not expensive.

To come back – only through the same point. However, the situation constantly changes, everything is better to recheck in advance.

Mae Sot — Myawaddy

The most brisk check point located in the province Tak from Thailand. It is the most convenient to reach from Bangkok (about 8 hours by bus) or Chiang Mai (about 6 hours). Ticket price: from the 300th baht. To border go regularly small minibuses from the city Tak. Journey will borrow an hour and a half, cost – about 80 bases for one place.

Pay attention! The border is open only 6.00 till 18:00. If you aren’t in time, it is necessary in to stay the night in the town Mae Sot. From the central part of the city where the market is located, to the border check-point regularly go colngeo, the fare of 25 baht. Sometimes you can a long time to wait — sending as the traffic is full.

After passing of border control from Thailand it is necessary to pass on the three hundred-meter bridge in the middle of which the movement changes from left-side on right-hand.

On «that» party very friendly Burmese frontier guards and rather comfortable room where documents are processed expect.

Pay attention! The visa needs to be received in advance.

At once behind the check point it is possible to meet a great number of drivers who make regular flights in different corners of the country. Transportation to Rangun costs about 9 dollars, time on the way – till 12 o’clock.

Phu Nam Ron — Htee Khee

Border check-point, closest to Bangkok. To the capital of the Province of Kanchanaburi of the same name where the check point is located, from the state capital it is possible to reach in 2 hours (the ticket near the 100th baht). Later you need to do change on the minibus to Phu Nam Ron. These are 2 more hours and the 70th baht.

This point is used, mainly, by travelers on individual transport as between border check-points of Thai and Burma the distance of 6 kilometers will have to be overcome independently.

On the boatOn the boat

Ranong — Kawthoung — the most southern border check-point between Thailand and Myanmar. The feature — two border towns divides the wide estuary therefore the border should be crossed the water transport. As Kawthoung – the most southern mainland of Myanmar to reach from here far inland too long and not conveniently. And here if you have decided to diversify rest Thailand and in the personal track record to note one more country is an excellent option.

To the border check-point it is the most convenient to reach from Phuket and the neighboring resorts on the Adamansky coast. From the «paradise» resort island buses to Ranong and back leave every 40-50 minutes with several two-hour breaks, starting at 5.30 am. The ticket price is about 300 baht. Time on the road is 5 hours.

From bus station in Ranong it is necessary to reach on colngeo to the boat berth (journey – 15-20 baht). Here already wait for dozens of the boatmen ready to transport you through the strait, and in combination border for the 100th baht.

The frontier point is on the small island, the boatmen here are «their own» and will issue the documents without your participation.

визаVisa to Burma

The government of Burma tries to attract more tourists therefore receipt of a visa became for the last few years simpler.

Russians can receive permission to stay in the country one of several ways:

in the Moscow consulate;

in consulate of Burma in Thailand – there are many agencies working here that will do everything for you;

the electronic visa – is made out on the website of the ministry of immigration, it is necessary to show documents on the border check-point where the stamp in the passport will be put.

The term of execution of the visa in consulate – up to 7 days, the price – $20. The cost of the electronic visa – $50.

Moving around the country

Transport in Myanmar is well developed, buses regularly run between cities — this is the most convenient and inexpensive transport. There is an internal air traffic.

The railway network is well developed, but the infrastructure itself has not been repaired for a long time.

Trains are often late, their condition is at the level of the time of British colonization.

If you travel by private transport, be careful! Often motor roads (especially if you moved out of the tourist routes) are come across a narrow bridge along which the railway tracks are laid — it is necessary to be in time, the train hasn’t approached yet.

Some tourist tips

the time zone – +6,5 from Greenwich, after crossing of the Thai border put clock for half an hour ago;

in some provinces of Myanmar anti-terrorist operations against insurgents are conducted and movement for foreigners is forbidden;

official currency – kyat (local call «chat»), however almost everywhere accept the American and Singapore dollar, in the border cities with Thailand accept baht;

the mobile network is well developed, 3G operates, there is free Wi-Fi in most hotels for tourists and cafes;

You can book a hotel using, as well as international reservation services, for example,;

cards are accepted only in large hotels and large supermarkets, it is better to have cash with you.

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