Nine hours of flight, and from the cold dank Moscow we find ourselves in a fabulous Thailand. It's time to relax, soak up the beach, see amazing Buddhist temples, sit in one of the many bars, get acquainted with the pleasant thai girl. But here we can wait for a surprise. In order not to fall into a piquant situation with a girl you like and not run away from her with screams: "She is a man!". It is worth learning how to distinguish ladies from trances. Content: "We have always been" Who is who or disassembly in Thailand Appearance From a close distance Interrogation with predilection Trances in Thailand: life as a movie In the search for an answer to this question, we will go the other way, so to speak, from the opposite. According to unofficial data, in Thailand there are a lot of trance, somewhere around 200 thousand people. They are also called people of the "third sex", which is the middle between a woman and a man. If we approach the question more precisely, then there is a certain division. So, transsexuals are people who change their sex with the help of surgery. Transvestites are men who try to behave and look like women, while remaining men. In Thailand, both are called kathoey or Ladies- boy. There is also a slang word "trance". "We have always been" This phrase from the book by Richard Totman "Third gender" of Katoi — a ladies-boys of Thailand", the answer kathoey on a question of their origin. And if for Europeans trances — something exotic, nonconventional, then for residents of Thailand this class of people was always a part of their life. The third gender appeared also in ancient Buddhist manuscripts. Buddha in sacred texts of Tipitaka preached merciful and tolerance to kathoey which to work through past sins in this life. Traditionally in the West, it is customary to consider a man an earner, a head, and a woman as a keeper of the hearth. In Thailand, social roles between the sexes are erased. Here, the correct relationship between the sexual and social role of man is important, regardless of its anatomical structure. Therefore, not all trances change sex, for them external signs are not so important as Europeans. Many tourists wonder: "Why is there a lot of trance in Thailand?" Their large number is due to the availability of plastic surgery for sex change. There are fewer bureaucratic obstacles here. Traditional child-rearing also plays a role, when boys and girls are not prevented from determine with their sex. Some adolescents start taking hormone drugs that are freely available. And a beautiful girl somewhere in the resort or in the service sector earns much more than a regular peasant or worker. Who is who or disassembly in ThailandWho is who or disassembly in Thailand Without some experience, it is difficult to say at once who is who on the streets of Pattaya or Bangkok. Here does not work a trained male look and intuition. Transvestites in Thailand - the subject is exotic, not always understandable to the European mentality. But it is better to study this issue in advance than to remain ignorant and get into an embarrassing situation. Appearance Among the beautiful half of Thailand you can see very beautiful women. Bright as birds of paradise, they seem to be stars that have went from the cover of popular magazines. And if they give you attention, and you - not Johnny Depp or, at worst, not a member of the royal family of Thailand, it is worth thinking. You should be alerted: High growth Like many Asians, the girls in Thailand are small and miniature. Grenadier growth plus a high platform can give up a "lurking" trance. Attractiveness Many ladies-boys do plastic surgery, bringing their appearance to perfection. Ordinary Thai women are not so beautiful and do not get carried away with plastic. Who is who or disassembly in ThailandEnthusiasm for cosmetics If your girl in the morning already with makeup, always looks in the mirror, looking for flaws, then most likely you are communicating with a not natural girl. Clothing Many trances love bright "plumage": shiny fabrics and costume jewelery, high-heeled shoes. But it's harder to identify a suspicious person among a flock of pretty girls dressed in simple short shirt, mini skirts and slates. Figure Narrow thighs, broad shoulders - a purely masculine figure sometimes can not hide under a shiny dress. Many trances in order to remain in the ranks for as long as possible, carefully follow the figure. But they do not have cellulite. If you will see lovely fatty folds on the ass, so you are dealing with a girl. Who is who or disassembly in ThailandFrom a close distance And now we will consider the girl or who there before us in more detail. After all, it is correctly said that men love eyes. Just keep this look more sober and uncomplicated. To not then nod, that the eye "closed": Arms and legs. Even having performed the operation to change the sex, it is difficult to hide 43 sizes of shoes in the shoes. And the most beautiful and sleek large palms will still give out the presence of male hormones. Adam's apple. This is one of the main differences between men and women. But if the operation was done a few years ago, then the Adam's apple can no longer stand out. Chest. Many macho will not miss the opportunity to touch the breasts of a new girlfriend, especially if she is quite impressive. But there may be an ambush here too. Many trances today do not rush to acquire a sixth-size bust. A thin girl a la a teenager can look very sexy. Genitals. Not all trances have the opportunity to perform an operation to remove the genitals. Even for tolerant Thailand, this is an expensive operation. Therefore, trances have to hide a member under the underwear. But after being tempted by the beauty and not feeling anything outstanding, this does not mean that this is an absolute woman. Interrogation with predilection Ordinary girls in Thailand are somewhat more modest than their "brethren" who have taken on a female role. Therefore, if the beautiful woman begins to shamelessly intimidate, hinting at intimacy, to hold you with an iron grip and to drag aside, despite your 90 kg, the question of who such ladyboys will disappear by itself. But for secure it is possible to ask: Documents And why in a lovely conversation not to ask the girl to show documents? All adult population of the country has to have at itself ID-card — the passport where a gender is specified. Men have in the identity card will stand นาย, women have — นางสาว. The person of a third gender in the passport is written down as นางสาว. Only you shouldn't demand a passports in a row from all met beauties. Who is who or disassembly in Thailand"Are you a trance?" An ordinary girl in response to such a question may be offended. Sometimes they demonstratively prove that they are beautiful ladies. Or they begin to beat themselves in the thorax, often unnatural, loudly insulting and calling everyone to witness. Trances in Thailand: life as a movie If Europeans have a lot of curiosity, and they all are tormented by the questions of how to distinguish a girl from a trance, then in Thailand is a tolerant attitude toward the transvistitis. They work in the usual areas for us: in public catering, on television, in shopping malls, cabarets and bars. Airline PC Air was the first to hire ladies-boys as stewardesses. One of them Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn even won the title of "Miss Tiffany 2007". Annually in Pattaya there take place beauty contests of Miss International Queen and Miss Tiffany’s Universe where the most beautiful trances of Thailand gather. Among participants are singers, models, students, sportswomen. And Yoladda Suanyot was even included into the government of the Province of Nan, having the diploma of the political scientist. Among the most known trances — Nong Tum, the ex-world champion in Thai boxing. In Thailand many films about kathoey life are shot. In 2000 the picture "Iron Lady" telling a real story of transmen's volleyball team from the province Lampang has come out. In 2003 the film "Great Boxer" about Nong Tum has been shot. Trances also act in at film. Since February in Thailand colourful festivals and holidays, for example, a flowers festival in Chiangmaye begin. Visiting this beautiful country in search of new impressions, don't forget our councils. And getting acquainted with Mali (jasmine), Ubon (lily) and Sumali (flowers), try not to run into some former Tuantonga (a gold spear) who is diligently representing the girl.