Thailand is the country in which the Russian tourists traditionally like to have a rest, there almost all the year round gives travelers a cordial welcome, the sun and hospitable locals who are always glad to the foreigners coming to their regions. Therefore the Thai direction is very demanded, and from many Russian cities which are located as in the European part of Russia, so in the Far East or in Siberia, regular and charter flights go there.


How to buy the vacation package to Thailand from Novosibirsk? Whether it is favorable to buy last-minute tours to Thailand from Novosibirsk? The price of last-minute tours Novosibirsk – Thailand How to save on a trip to Thailand? Novosibirsk which is the large regional center, not an exception and from here it is quite possible to depart to the Country of Smiles, for example, having sat down on flight Novosibirsk – Pattaya or having got the Novosibirsk-Phuket tour, depending on what Thai resort is pleasant to you more.

How to buy the vacation package to Thailand from Novosibirsk?

If you have resolved that you want to spend a vacation in Thailand, you have several ways to get to this Asian country: you can acquire the ticket for regular flight (for example, on the website on the website and to independently reserve hotel or to remove apartments – both on arrival into place, and remotely.

The second way is the most widespread and simple: you need to address to travel agency and to ask that managers have helped you to select the Novosibirsk-Thailand tour which will suit you on time and the vacation spot, level of hotel and cost. At last, it is possible to look for the suitable offer on the website of tour operator and to order the permit without intermediary. For this purpose it is possible to use the popular or services.

горячий тур в тайландWhether it is favorable to buy last-minute tours to Thailand from Novosibirsk?

If you look for tours directly through tour operator or you address to the agency, you have quite good chances to get a last-minute tour Novosibirsk – Thailand. It is an excellent way to save on vacation, and similar offers appear not only in the conditions of recession of tourist flow, but also during a high season. Important element here, certainly, is the luck: not to each tourist good luck has to find last-minute travel offers to Pattaya from Novosibirsk.

Of course, such option suits not all as many travelers try to plan the rest beforehand, and tours at the favorable price have property to appear quite unexpectedly and not always coincide with in advance chosen dates of a holiday. In this case often helps out early booking, but as shows experience if there is a choice, the last-minute tour often costs cheaper.

горячий тур в тайландThe price of last-minute tours Novosibirsk – Thailand

To decide whether it is expedient to buy last-minute tours Novosibirsk – Pattaya or Novosibirsk — Phuket, it is necessary to know several important nuances connected to acquisition of permits to the Thai resorts. First of all, it is necessary to consider that the most part of cost of a package tour is made by overfly to Asia – it rather expensive if to compare, for example, to the European directions.

The "burning" tickets for an airliner can be found rather seldom, but it happens too – for example when the charter flight is not filled, operators offer tickets at reduced price. But much more often it is possible to meet discount rates in hotels: occasionally they reach 50%! Usually during a high season the average cost of the permit to the person begins approximately from 40-45 thousand rubles on the person.

If it is about a last-minute tour, more than really to find sentences from 32-35 thousand rubles, and in some, though enough rare, cases, is even cheaper! At the same time pay attention that the majority of package tours to Thailand assume a one-time food at the hotel – only breakfasts as the full board and a half board are not too widespread here and it do not make a special sense.

Therefore do not forget to put additional expenditures on food in the temper budget. One more important point – last-minute tours practically never happens for popular dates like New year or May holidays therefore here it is better to take advantage of the opportunity in advance and to seize the opportunity of early armoring. By the way, it is sometimes cheaper to fly to Thailand from Moscow, besides, many last-minute tours assume embarkation from the capital. If such option suits you, take care of booking train tickets to Moscow, for example, through the

And if you plan to go there by car, you will need Park & Fly - a network of parking lots located near Moscow airports.

горячий тур в тайландHow to save on a trip to Thailand?

If you want that rest has turned out absolutely inexpensive, but you dream to carry out it in Thailand, ideal option for this purpose is Pattaya. If to compare to Phuket or Samui, it is rather inexpensive resort with rather democratic prices and the developed tourist infrastructure.

If you like Pattaya, from Novosibirsk to this resort to find last-minute tours not so difficult, here the set of hotels which cooperate with large tour operators and are often ready to offer favorable terms of booking. For example, regular stocks happen at the Ambassador hotel, largest in the city, which is especially loved by tourists from Russia, there is everything here – the sea, the beach, pools, shops, the night market, the market of souvenirs, shops and a stop of tuk-tuk. Smaller hotels don't lag behind too and sometimes offer options which it is difficult to refuse.

Most of tourists interests one question when they get a tour where the ticket for flight Novosibirsk – Pattaya enters: how many to fly to the destination. It should be noted that they were lucky much more, than to travelers from the European part of Russia, duration of flight is about 6,5 hours. If a tour assumes landing at the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, from long-awaited rest you will be separated by a travel in the bus which will take about two-three hours (depending on where there is your hotel) and if you have arrived to Utapao (the small airport which is near Pattaya), you will reach the place far quicker – approximately in half an hour-hour.