Coming back home from a holiday in Vietnam, there is always a wish to bring something home – to please friends and relatives and to call to mind about rest a little. Content: How many fruit can be taken out from Vietnam? How can you export fruits from Vietnam What fruit can't be taken out from Vietnam How to pack fruit when exporting from Vietnam Many tourists want to take away home not only souvenirs, but also various local fruit which can be found much here. Before departure home many ask a question whether it is possible to do in general it and as it is correct to take out fruit from Vietnam. How many fruit can be taken out from VietnamHow many fruit can be taken out from Vietnam? If you have intended to take out fruit from this Asian country really commercially, prepare for disappointment: to make it at you it won't turn out at any deal as in Vietnam strict norms affect export of fruit. According to the existing rules, tourists from Russia have the right to bring home no more than five kilograms of local agricultural production. Not only fresh fruits, but also, for example, dried fruits or nuts which are on sale in Vietnam also much can enter this quantity. Transportation of fruit is theoretically possible also in hand luggage, and in baggage, and the baggage is checked therefore hardly you will manage to deceive system – most likely, not put freight will be withdrawn and upon violation the staff of customs service will make the protocol or will even write out a fine. Export of fruit from Vietnam is quite lawful therefore don't worry: if you are not trying to take out more fruits than allowed, everything will be in order, and no problems should arise. How can you export fruits from VietnamHow can you export fruits from Vietnam It is very undesirable to take out fruit from Vietnam in hand luggage as the place provided in a cabin for things of passengers is very limited. It is much more expedient to take with itself valuable things like the equipment, necessities and also outerwear if, for example, you come back from hot Vietnamese summer to the Russian fall or winter, and fruit after all to hand over in baggage. Otherwise the basket which for certain won't get into office for hand luggage will create to you discomfort during all travel, being stirred under your seat. Why it is the best of all to take out fruit from Vietnam in a special basket? Because it ensures for them the best safety. In her your overseas delicacies won't be rumpled and won't lose presentable appearance, so, they can be handed to friends and relatives as a souvenir from from Asia. By the way, some hotel guides claim that airlines allow to take free of charge only those fruit which are bought in special shops with which there is an arrangement. It is a lie, and rules of their export are universal – you can buy fruit in the market, in any supermarket or in other place, the main thing, you watch that they weren't overripe, otherwise all efforts will be vain. ДурианWhat fruit can't be taken out from Vietnam When do you gathering in a way back, don't rely on assurances of sellers from the markets that it is possible to take out fruit from Vietnam, regardless of their variety. It's not true therefore surely take an interest, what there are exceptions here. Perhaps, you it is will surprise a little, but there is a lot of them. For example, the Vietnamese rules of air flights forbid to take out cocoes from the country. Even if you are very fond of these exotic fruits, they, unfortunately, can not be taken with you to the plane, regardless of whether you want to conduct a coconut in hand luggage or in luggage. The prohibition is related to the interesting property of coconut: a scanner that checks baggage and hand luggage at the airport can not enlighten it, therefore, theoretically, bringing coconut, inside it you can carry any "stuffing, up to drugs or explosives. Also tourists can not take watermelons with them, because of the pressure drops that are observed when the airliner is gaining altitude, these fruits simply ... explode. Another exception is the amazing fruit called durian, which every now and then strives to take with them tourists returning from vacation in Vietnam or in Thailand. Here everything is quite simple: durian has a disgusting smell, so strong that it is even forbidden to bring it to the hotel, and it is eaten mostly with gloves, as a persistent characteristic aroma is simply impossible to bring out! Also because of the unpleasant smell from Vietnam, you can not export jackfruit - it can also create some discomfort for others, so it is better to try it exclusively in Southeast Asia, without trying to bring this exotic to home. How to pack fruit when exporting from VietnamHow to pack fruit when exporting from Vietnam As mentioned above, exporting fruits from Vietnam, it is best to pack them in special baskets, which can be purchased at almost every step. Baskets are equipped with special holes that allow the fruit not to deteriorate ahead of time and provide them with good ventilation. Of course, with a big desire, fruits can be folded and in a suitcase, especially if there is a lot of free space, but in this case, you can hardly bring them safely. Baskets for fruit are sold as in the markets where, in fact, most tourists and gets all kinds of fruits, and at the airport, if you did not take care of the suitable container in advance. They come in different sizes, and if you are a family, your right to take a bigger basket and put ten kilograms of fruit into it, and not take two small ones of five kilograms. Please note that baskets of fruit are surrendered with a separate baggage, and on arrival you will not see them on the tape along with suitcases: they will be put up in a separate hall. Therefore, take care in advance to mark your basket somehow, because there will be a lot of them, and you need something that will immediately identify yours. For example, you can tie a ribbon to her pen or paste a note with your name on the cover. For better safety and to avoid thefts at the airport, some experienced tourists recommend wrapping baskets with adhesive tape or film: in this case, immediately visible if the packaging was attempted to open. Transporting fruit may seem like a very troublesome business, but believe me, when you are already at home and try fruit brought from the holiday, you will not regret it!