Halong Bay in Vietnam is one of the wonders of the world. It attracts tourists with picturesque landscapes and interesting legends. Admiring the numerous islands and rocks, a slight fear and an irresistible sense of curiosity slip inside a person.

Yes, you will to go crazy from such beauty, you will forget about everything around, but you will to feel, that inside is an influx of adrenaline. That's why do you need to go on a cruise on  Halong Bay.

A little bit about the history

The origin of the bay is associated with beautiful legends. One of them says that in ancient times the Gods decided to save Vietnamese people from enemies and sent them to the ground a family of dragons. Defending people, amazing creatures spitting gems, creating the most beautiful islands. Ships of enemies collided with these islands and crashed.

But this legend does not end. After the crash, the wreckage of the ships turned into rocks, and the dragons remained in the bay, giving it the unique name "Halong" - the place where the dragon descended to earth.


Halong Bay surprises tourists with its breathtaking landscape. It is rich in rocks, islands, cliffs, which number about three thousand. In the rocks are hidden silvery waterfalls, deep caves, similar to tunnels. Vietnamese gave the caves a wonderful view: they equipped the dungeons with multicolored lamps, turning the natural creation into a real underground kingdom. Islands of the bay does not have a logical order and differ from each other in size, shape. Numerous islands have interesting names, for example, "Antelope", "Fighting Rooster", "Cave of Wooden Spears", "Drum Cave", "Cave of Pillars", "Kuang Han". Their names arose due to appropriate forms or in honor of the living animals.

Natural sights

The islands and cliffs of Halong are spread over 1,500 square kilometers. Various natural phenomena have turned them into the true sights of Vietnam. You can admire the rocks with a tower karst, reminiscent of towers or high pillars. Many vacationers like grottoes - small caves with a large entrance, having an avalanche origin. There are some of them:
  • Acoustic grotto. You can hear unusual sounds that due to a strong wind. It seems that the real Mother of Dragons lives inside the grotto;
  • The grotto of stone pillars has stone giants, which made it a popular place to visit. There is a pond with fresh water inside. Judging by the inscription on the wall, in 1917 Khai Dinh visited here;
  • The Grotto of Kuang Han is the largest cave of the Gulf of Tonkin. This proves its infinite length at 1300 m.
Weather in Halonga. When do you need to book a ticket? There are two seasons in the climate of Halong: summer and winter. Dry cold winter starts from December and ends in February. The rainy summer months are June, July, August and September. When do you need to go on a cruise every person business, but having overcome a long way, you will to want to enjoy the most favorable moments of travel. Therefore, the optimal months for rest are April-May, September-October. In November, the beach season closes. In early August, the typhoon season begins and is extended until October.

How to get to the unique place

Tourists prefer to get to the bay, accompanied by a guide. You can drive to Halong on your own, having spent a small amount.


It is necessary to buy a ticket for a tourist minibus. They are sold in any travel company, which is easy to find on the streets of Hanoi. They take passengers from the hotels and take them to the big bus. But you need to be patient, the route on this transport will last more than 5 hours due to frequent stops. Or you will get a ticket for a long-distance bus. Its sending is from the stations every half hour. Having reached Halong, the buses finish their route at Bai Chay Bus Station. All buses reach the end point in Halong. You can buy a tour and go on a trip across the bay here. All tourists should know that the last voyage boat is dispatched at 13.00. If you will late, travelers will have to spend the night or go back.


Surprisingly, in the presence of a good railroad, the train to Halong does not go, so the point of departure is the city of Haiphong, station Hanoi Long Bien. From her every day departs 4 trains for passengers. This method will allow you to reach Halong for 2 hours.


If you have not no possibility to travel through the bay for more than one day, you can get to Halong from Nha Trang by car. Upon arrival, you need to choose a tour of the same name bay for 4 hours. After the tour the driver of the rented car delivers the customer to the hotel.


The nature of the islands and proudly facing rocks are almost untouched by person. Only on some slices of land the local people have mastered life. They perfectly "made friends" with importunate wild monkeys, which are happy with any delicacy from people. You can find a decent entertainment for the rest period here.


Cruises in Halong have a different cost and available to every wallet. If vacationers have a desire to stand on the land of the island, Vietnamese do not mind "park" the boat. They closely follow the behavior of tourists and adhere to the rules so as not to harm nature. Skating on the bay can last several days, so tour guides supply tourists with food.


Vacationers are allowed to catch squid, fish. To take for this activity is better at night. In the dark, the water of the bay acquires irresistible beauty and even glows.


You can arrange an independent swim in a rowing boat. There are no barriers and restrictions before the tourist, you can swim to any island to view its wildlife. You can make a memorable photo next to the rock, which looms dangerously overhead, creating the feeling that it is about to collapse.


In Halong are created artificially all the beaches, and if you want to go to a wild beach, you will have to change to a kayak. Vietnamese and many tourists claim that each island has its own peculiarity, which confirms the diversity and magnificence of Halong Bay. Nature Halong fascinates at first sight, here you want to return, abandoning work. A wonderful world acts on a person like hypnosis, helping to forget problems, sorrows, gain strength and relax from rough civilized life. The traveler feels light and sinks into a sweet dream after a day excursion.

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