Do you want to fly like a bird? You do not need to have wings. Do you want to swim like a fish? You do not need to have fins and a tail. Do you think it is a fantasy? Reality! You can to fly up in air and to swim in the water, overcoming fetters of earth gravity and cutting sea waves - it allows the flyboard.

The flyboard is one of water sports and entertainments, allowing to do fly on the special platform, a board. The movement happens at the reactive force of the water flow, formed by the engine of the hydrocycle.

What and how?

Flyboard structure is simple. This is not a rocket, and in order to understand, you do not need to undergo training at the center of space flights. The flyboard represents the platform or a board on which boots with a lacing are rigidly fixed. From below the hose on which under big pressure the water stream moves is brought to the center of a board.


The second end of the flexible hose is connected to the aquabike. Power of the water motorcycle has to be not less than 100 horse powers that will allow to make flight on small height.

The water stream forced by a hose can lift the person on height to 30 meters today.

But this achievement of trained extremals, in whose stash there are also other similar sports. The beginners should not chase the experienced flyboarders, who train much and master the technique of Frank Zapata for a long time. But flying a short time for the first time in life, you can get an incomparable pleasure and a charge of adrenaline.


Flight board price:
  • 10 minutes - 1500 baht (min 2 people)
  • 15 minutes - 1900 baht (min 2 people)
  • 20 minutes - 2900 baht
  • 30 minutes - 4000 baht
Free transfer from the hotel Video filming GoPro Camera- 950 baht (photographing as a gift) Professional video filming and photography - 1500 baht Working time: daily from 8 to 18.

Who invented flyboard?

Frank Zapata is the person to whom it is necessary to take off a hat or to throw a cap in air as it is pleasant to whom. This guy helped everyone, breaking the chains of gravity, to fly into the air. The professional aquabiker Frank Zapata at the beginning of two-thousand years organized the company on production of hydrocycles. He also participated in creation of various models, brought to their mind their technical characteristics, invented design.


But as a man enthusiastic, Zapata it seemed a little. Later the athlete developed the mechanism which incorporated the best of different types of extreme sport: water skis, snowboard, jet pack. The new invention appeared in 2011 and received the name "flyboard". Literal translation means two words "fly" and "board", but it does not give a full understanding of this subject. The flyboard allows you to swim and perform various acrobatic figures. It is possible to tell, "aerobatic maneuvres", are so similar the movements of the athlete to maneuvering of the aircraft. But unlike planes, the person has much more opportunities.

What seemed to be a recent insanity and fantasy, today has become a reality. Six months of work, and Zapata not only introduced his first flyboard, but he also showed it in the case. The presentation of the device took place in China, at the competitions in the aquabike which were taking place there.  The first world championship in flyboarding was held the same year in Qatar. Fifty athletes from the different countries showed the skill on waters of the Persian Gulf. Literally, immediately the flyboard got world fame, and there were many who wanted to try themselves in flights over water.


Few of the professional athletes, extreme, and just curious, refused to enjoy the pleasure of flying into the air. Flaybording only several years. By the standards of sport he is in a condition of the small child who only learns to go and develops the world around. It is interesting what waits for us in the future?

How to use the flyboard?

In the meantime, before the flight on the flyboard, everyone must be instructed. The skilled mentor explains how to keep on a board how to operate flight how to fly or hang. The beginner puts on boots which are rigidly strengthened on a board. The instructor himself tightens their lacing, once again checking whether everything is in order. The instructor himself tightens their lacing, once again checking whether everything is in order.

flyboard thailand

Further, the instructor on the hydrocycle and the new flaiborder sail from the shore. The senior comrade warns about gas supply. You can feel how you begin to drag forward. For an exit from water it is necessary to straighten legs and, without bending knees, to rise to the surface. Several attempts, and, as a rule, already intuitively you adapt to a board and you begin to try even to fly up slightly above. The main thing to hold balance and be able to group.

The movement in air is carried out thus:

  • Foot is a little forward — fly forward.
  • Foot is a little back — the movement back.
  • Relaxed the right leg — the flight trajectory goes to the left.
  • Relaxed the left leg — the flight to the right.

Beginners are warned that it is necessary to fly on a big circle around a hydrocycle. The movement on a straight line can pull a hose and overturn soaring. Those who already tried a flaybording, say that several minutes for finding of balance are required. And then there is only an unreal feeling of delight and desire again and again to rise in air.

Safety and contraindications

The flyboard is available to everyone since 15 years. Fifteen-year-old athletes at the world championships have already proved that this kind of extreme sport is quite within their power. There are also some restrictions on weight. Flights are contraindicated to people with diseases and injuries of musculoskeletal system, to pregnant women. Only one person at the same time can go to flight on the flyboard.


Today the serious injuries suffered as a result of operation of the flyboard aren't recorded.

But implementation of safety rules is obligatory for all:

  • Equipment. It includes a helmet and a vest of safety that protects when falling in water.
  • Before flying, be sure to listen to the instructing explaining the rules for using the flyboard.
  • Do not approach the shore. For safety, flights are carried out over water, the depth of which is not less than 2-3 meters.

The flight is supervised by a professional on a hydrocycle, which has the appropriate license.

For those who are afraid

For beginners flights are carried out at the small height therefore, even without having coped with a board, falling in water will be safe. Immediately to keep balance to the unprepared person is a bit difficult. But it at first. Having mastered, you begin to understand what a cool thing, this flyboard.

flyboard in thailand

You shouldn't think that the first minute you should soar up on big height. The flibordist is in close connection with the aquabiker. He is not just the manager of a water motorcycle, he also monitors your safety, and it depends on him on what height you rise. The aquabiker operates force of a water stream which uplifts everyone to soar over water. Therefore you shouldn't be afraid that, having for the first time stepped on the flyboard, flights as at the international competitions will begin.

The instructor, only making sure that you stand on the platform confidently, can add a little the power of the water jet.

Professional athletes fly up on height up to 30 meters. Old models of the flyboard had also an additional equipment in the form of two hoses which fastened on shoulders. Similar devices helped to keep better on the platform and increased a possibility of maneuvering. But recently these water-cannons are used seldom.

Aerobatic maneuvers

Athletes not only learn to operate the flyboard in water and air, but at competitions and shows show the whole beautiful program consisting of series of coherent exercises. Many tricks are similar gymnastic and acrobatic. They have their names. Athletes perform frontlip and backflip (somersaults, somersaults through the head forward and back), various rotations, diving and much more.

Of course, in the water you can also do various spectacular stunts. Some of them look even more original. But here one thing is true: few people can see your skill under water. But the various gymnastic exercises in the air look much steeper.

In their flights, the professionals use an additional set of electronics, the so-called trigger. By means of this device the athlete can already do without pilot of the water bike, independently operating the power of a water stream. The hydrocycle becomes a battery in this case. Similar performances were shown at the last world championships in flyboarding.

Fliboarding is a new sport, and we have yet to observe its development, to marvel at new tricks and to admire the desperate bravery of athletes. But it is possible not only to be the detached onlooker, and to try and most to master the flying board. The flaybording is available practically to all. You can try it in Thailand. And then to upload a picture and video of the flight in social networks and to accept enthusiastic responses of friends and followers.