In many east legends the elephant is a wise and obedient animal who helped the person with performance of many tasks: to carrying of the heaviest freights, during hot battles, in construction of the most various construction objects, as the convenient vehicle. Content: Elephants in Thailand is guarantee of success in all undertakings Characteristic and some features Ancient legends Elephants increase efficiency of travel business! The celebrations devoted to elephants in Thailand Elephants in Thailand use special respect and honoring. This is sacred animal of Thailand on advantage has found the place on a flag of this east country. Certainly, it concerns all animals, but the most serious honoring is the white elephant which quantity in the last decades became sharp to fall. According to beliefs and local legends the white elephant transported on himself Buddha's remains that this animal has automatically erected in the category of the most dear and valued. Already now to meet a white elephant is a great luck. The Thai traditions order treats these mighty giants with all possible respect that was reflected in works of art and also personal estimates. ELEPHANT IN THAILAND — THE SACRED ANIMAL AND THE SYMBOL OF THE COUNTRYElephants in Thailand is guarantee of success in all undertakings The Thai beliefs attribute to this wonderful enormous animals remarkable ability to bring good luck. For certain therefore tourists can see sculptures of elephants in the most unexpected places — squares, temples, some other sacred Thai places. The flag of the state and also coin of Thailand, have also not avoided a similar fate — you can observe an elephant with ease there. In a word, the elephant is a reliable companion in the most various construction actions and in life. ELEPHANT IN THAILAND — THE SACRED ANIMAL AND THE SYMBOL OF THE COUNTRYCharacteristic and some features The Thai elephants differ from the African brethren in considerably smaller sizes, however at the same time all of them equally look they very impressively and powerfully. Life expectancy of these fine giants reaches up to 80 years. But death of these animals isn't connected with an old age in any way. They grind off teeth that which prevents normal food intake. Therefore most often they die because can't lead a habitual life because of strong hunger. Elephant cows usually very long wait for the cubs — about one and a half years. At the same time, most often give birth to one baby elephant. Clever animals guard the moment of childbirth at the fellow tribeswoman that unintentionally hasn't crushed a newborn baby elephant. Elephants in Thailand almost without fail are participants of the majority of local holidays and various solemn events. Locals show to elephants exclusive respect as they assume that their presence will surely present success and luck practically in all kind undertakings. Elephants in Thailand as full participants of festivals in every possible way are decorated and dress up to allocate their significant role in any solemn occasion. Thais believe that places where elephants stopped on a rookery and also were involved in various military operations, do these places sacred. Probably, for this reason here temples are built, kind of reminding of importance of the largest animal. ELEPHANT IN THAILAND — THE SACRED ANIMAL AND THE SYMBOL OF THE COUNTRYAncient legends One of the most beautiful legends in which locals believe is a legend of a white flower of a lotus which was gifted in a sleep to the princess Sirimakhamaya by a white elephant, such surprising images having announced news the future birth of the Saint the child. It is one of the reasons for which the white elephant is strictly protected by the state. Elephants with gently pink spots on the skin reckon as extremely rare at all. Therefore, they are carefully protected. Noting importance and venerability of this animal, the king of Thailand gives to the most devoted and citizens who distinguished themselves the award of the White elephant decorated with gemstones. Delivery of such sign speaks about huge favor to shown valor and courage and also as a sign of the deepest respect and outstanding merits. ELEPHANT IN THAILAND — THE SACRED ANIMAL AND THE SYMBOL OF THE COUNTRYElephants increase efficiency of travel business! Such huge popularity of elephants in Thailand has led to expansion of tourist love. The majority of tourist excursions can't take place without participation of elephants. These clever animals give in to training, with their participation it is possible to carry out the most various dramatized representations during which these, apparently, clumsy animals show dexterity miracles. Tourists like walks on elephants. Without similar travel of an impression about visit of Thailand would be not full. Tourists appreciate such opportunity which promotes receiving unforgettable feelings. ELEPHANT IN THAILAND — THE SACRED ANIMAL AND THE SYMBOL OF THE COUNTRYThe celebrations devoted to elephants in Thailand The most large-scale and solemn processions which participants are elephants take place in November. Then on streets of Thailand there pass large-scale processions of elephants. Inhabitants and guests of a holiday feed animals with the most tasty fruit, stroked and also can quite enjoy by the sea of impressions of a trip on an elephant. Such travel especially will be to the taste both to children, and adults adoring thrills and bright unforgettable emotions. Despite the external sluggishness, elephants can quite demonstrate the most unexpected and interesting skills that even acrobats will not be able to do. So, elephants know how to dance, throw balls, and also these animals are not alien to riding a bicycle, how amazing it would not sound! But, probably the most popular kind of creativity, which these giants are engaged in is the ability competently and well to draw. The works of art of elephants, by the way, enjoy the widest popularity. Along with this, there are many negative things - the number of elephants in Thailand began to decline rapidly. The government takes all possible measures to restore the population of this amazing and very intelligent animal.