The crocodile farm in Pattaya is considered one of the most popular places not only among tourists, but also locals. The farm founded in 1992 — the largest in Thailand.

It has about 60 thousand reptiles live. The farm isn’t limited to crocodiles. Despite the name, in the territory of a farm there is a park one million summer stones, the open-air cage with birds and a mini-zoo.


The farm is absolutely near Pattaya, in 15-20 minutes of driving (if to go from the center) therefore it is possible to reach it even on foot. If to reach independently, move on Sukhumvita towards Bangkok, at the intersection with the street No. 7 it is necessary to turn on the right, and further to follow indexes.

It is also possible to use taxi services, conveniently and cheap. Besides the skilled driver won’t wander on streets, and will bring you to a farm in the shortest way. The taxi to a farm will manage approximately, $8-16 (agree). On a tuk-tuka of $6.

The easiest way to reach as a part of an excursion. The prices of an excursion within $14. Advantages: brought-brought from hotel and back. It isn’t necessary to look for tuk-tuk, the taxi, to bargain. Costs cheaper, than independently.

Address: 22/1 Moo, Nongplalai, Banglamung, Pattaya City.
GPS: 12.997366,100.933456
Time visit of a farm from 8:00 till 18:30. The cost of the ticket is $14 for adults and $8 for children. Tickets vacationers can buy in an extreme right window, in all others tickets only for Thais.
Plan scheme of the Crocodile farm. Serial number No. and name of an object.



It is possible to observe the crocodiles whoch are swimming in green water or not movably lying ashore from the special bridge. In the territory of the park also there takes place the excellent show in which the Thai trainers will show the traditional receptions including the parts of a body in a mouth to an alligator. Safety for visitors of a show it is provided by the grid fenced round. Therefore to worry there is nothing.

It prohibits throwing foreign objects in cages to reptiles. The penalty is a fine of $ 2,800 and 5 years in prison.

Risky tricks, trainers are shocked even by the most enduring visitors. At the end of the show, everyone who wants (dare) can take a picture with a crocodile. Sitting on the back of the alligator, and smiling, you can get a dose of adrenaline.

The show lasts 30 minutes. For $ 3, anyone can buy a bait and chicken carcass. By planting the bait on the rod you can feed the reptile. The crocodile «whines» is very reluctant. Fattened animals calmly take food, so worry about bitten off the limbs is not necessary: crocodiles are very sluggish.

The time of the show every hour from 9:00 — 13:00, 14:20, 15: 30,17: 00.

The show of crocodiles will not leave anyone indifferent, but frankly not from the must-see series, and the guides give very little time for independent study and it turns out only to run a run.


After admiring the crocodiles, do not forget to stroll around the farm. Visit the park of thousand-year-old stones, this is truly a memorable sight. Boulders in the park are brought from all over Thailand and even from abroad. The park is neat and tidy. Along the paths are benches, flowers, trees, tropical birds sing.

The landscape design of the park of stones is not inferior to the famous tropical garden of Nong Nooch in Thailand (but in the garden of Madame Nong-Nuch — still more beautiful and creative), created in oriental style — this is a great place to relax.

Huge stones of volcanic origin have bizarre shapes, which nature itself creates. There is in the form of a duck, seahorse and figure 38. You can long examine and guess at whom this or that stone looks like.


Vacationers can not only relax in the park, but also watch exotic fishes in the pond. The territory of the farm has a large pond, it inhabits unusual fish species, rare, the weight of some can reach 500 kg.

In the complex, the mini-zoo takes the 3rd place with a general visit, where, unfortunately, there are not very many animals. Here you can see: deer, horses, zebras, lions, camels, donkeys. And also exotic birds: bright parrots, peacocks and ostriches.

You can take pictures with tigers, elephants, bears for $ 6. Feed the beast of elephants and giraffes with bananas or milk $ 1, or crocodiles an average of $ 10.


Of course, walking around the farm all day, you can and get hungry. The restaurant is waiting for its visitors. Here everyone can order exotic dishes. Try the crocodile meat or dishes from the reptilian egg. Prices are not sky-high for sure. Soup costs about $ 1, a steak of $ 1.5.

Having looked at the inhabitants of the farm and tried the delicacies, you can safely go to a souvenir shop, buy: things from the skin of a crocodile, various figurines. To understand prices — belts and purses from $ 100, more expensive are leather products from the sides of the crocodile, less expensive — from the back where the combs. Shoes: sandals, sandals, shoes, also from $ 100, to $ 300. Bags are small from $ 230 to $ 1000. Dried crocodile meat can be bought for $ 15.

Be sure to have a drink of coconut milk, it’s refreshing.

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