Despite of the fact that in hot Thailand tea doesn't enjoy special popularity, from this exotic country to your homeland you can bring with you many of its unusual species. One such is the blue floral infusion, which is made from the buds of an orchid. Blue tea from Thailand unlike others, isn't grown up on big tea plantations.

You shouldn't confuse him with the Chinese oolong tea. Tea is made of large leaves of a Clitoria ternatea. It is the special type of an orchid growing only in the territory of the Thai kingdom. Sprouts of this plant usually happen quite large, reaching 3,5 meters in length. In order to get the perfect tea, which has all the necessary properties, about which you will learn a little later, the Thais diligently adhere to the traditions of collecting it, and processing it.

Delicate buds of Thai orchids are picked up by collectors only in the early morning. In this case, they choose only three-leafed inflorescences. After assembly, the buds are dried. At the same time to indispensable conditions of drying preservation of a damp core. It guarantees maintaining all important properties of tea from an orchid.

A little dried flowers pass an oxidation stage then are dried finally and keep within long curls. Then there comes the final stage of preparation of an orchid to that it became the well-known tea. Orchid buds together with leaves are located in the cool damp environment where some time and wait for the end of process.

Useful properties of tea

Like much in Asian culture, blue tea from Thailand is valued, above all, for the beneficial properties that it possesses. Of course, one can not deny that it is very fragrant and has an unusual taste. But let's see in more detail, in what useful properties distinguish this sort of drink. It normalizes blood pressure, relieving hypertension and hypotension. Due to the abundance of vitamins, it promotes hair growth and reduces their loss, if such a problem is actual.

The drink is rich in vitamins, among which almost all are vital to your body: C, D, K, B1, B2, B12, B3. Also of useful minerals in the composition can be called manganese, phosphorus and iron. Promotes gradual improvement of sight and also cleans vessels of eyeballs. Tea also reduces symptoms of glaucoma and cataract. It is recommended to drink it and that who spends much time, working at the computer. It improves blood circulation in a brain.

And it promotes improvement of memory and fight against insomnia. It calming affects nervous system, weakening, and, helping to struggle with a stress and even chronic fatigue. It accelerate process of a metabolism in an organism the polyphenols which are a part of tea promote splitting and a conclusion from an organism of fats, and, respectively, to weight reduction of the person.

It cleans blood vessels, interferes with formation of blood clots. As you can see, buds of the Thai orchid are the present of sources of useful elements and vitamins. It well influences an organism in general, putting to the person of cheerfulness and cheerfulness.

The lack of side effects allows to drink it even daily. However, for achievement of the best results, after a month of the use, it is better to take a break at least for a week. Besides, really to experience on itself all its useful properties, it is necessary also it is correct to learn, to make this exotic drink.

Features of brewing tea and use

Blue tea are tasty and rich in useful minerals, from Thailand demands enough care. Tea  brew in two stages. For tea leaves water with a temperature not higher than ninety degrees is used. Filling the tea for the first time, do not leave it to persist for a long time - it's enough to hold it for ten seconds and you can drain the water.

It is impossible to fill in with boiled water at all – it kills useful properties of a plant. Then immediately add a new portion of hot water. After that, tea should be given a little infused for a couple of minutes.

During this time the buds will open, and the water will acquire a pleasant turquoise hue and unobtrusive aroma. If you want to experiment, you can to add mint, a lemon or honey to ready drink. Besides juicier taste, the lemon will give to your tea also more violet, than in pure form, a shade. It is possible to drink it as heat, and cooled.

The second option is very relevant in the summer, during a heat. It well satisfies thirst. Foreign tourists in the Thai hotels are often regale with this drink, as a rule, receiving about it only positive reviews. It is remarkable that, besides the use in pure form, tea is used also in cookery.

Thais have learned to profit from its natural blue color, replacing dyes in desserts with drops of the cooled drink from an orchid. In the homeland of tea such practice is so widespread that drops of blue tea are used even for decoration of the simplest dishes like boiled rice. Naturally, besides original appearance, it gives to a dish also benefit.

Other varieties of tea in Thailand

In addition a type of tea, in the Thai kingdom also others are rather popular.


One of traditional Thai drinks consists of gentle petals of young tea and jasmine flowers. Sweet aromas intertwine in him, composing an interesting composition, which the true gourmand will certainly appreciate. It helps to relax, adjusts to a calm, meditative mood. Usually experts advise it to drink fot those who has insomnia, stresses, depressions and neurosises of different degree.


It is considered rather exotic drink. For his preparation use dried fruit from Nonie's tree. This fruit growing on the Pacific islands is considered the real well of useful substances therefore also drink which of him is produced very well influences a human body.


Among all variety of teas, this is considered one of the most tasty. The gentle dairy shade of tea and its sweetish aftertaste are a special highlight of drink. It has the stimulating effect on an organism.


One more east drink, rich in useful properties, which has conquered the whole world. Differs in positive impact on a condition of skin, helps to struggle with food and alcohol poisonings and a hangover, reduces the level of cholesterol and arterial blood pressure.




For his preparation Thais use leaves of a holly broad-leaved, but not habitual tea-plants. It is actively applied in traditional medicine. It is also very popular among Asians girls because his regular use helps to support a figure, does hair stronger, and skin – is silkier. The variety of teas which have come to us is from Asia really huge. And, if you are a connoisseur of this drink, then, having got to Thailand, surely buy the real blue tea, Pu-erh or Nonie.